Meggan Madden

Meggan Madden
Assistant Professor, International Education and Higher Education Administration
(202) 994-2770

Meggan Madden (Ph.D. OISE/University of Toronto) is an Assistant Professor of International Education and Higher Education Administration at the George Washington University. Her research agenda examines higher education policy frameworks and how policy impacts student experiences within the context of international higher education for development and exchange. She is specifically interested in the uptake of higher education policy and how it impacts students from historically marginalized communities. She explores the uptake of higher education at various levels: 1) supra-national and regional policy frameworks that impact access and inclusion for global student mobility and 2) student experiences with international education to understand institutional practices used to promote, fund and support underserved students to thrive.

Dr. Madden brings to her scholarship several years of professional experience working in education abroad, international admissions, and scholarship services. She hopes that her research can help practitioners and scholars improve policies and practices to enable greater access to education abroad for underrepresented students. She has published in Higher Education, Frontiers:The Interdisciplinary Journal of Study Abroad, the Canadian Journal of Higher Education and in Academic Matters. She also serves as the Executive Editor for the Journal of Comparative and International Higher Education and is the Co-Chair (2016-present) of the Higher Education Special Interest Group for the Comparative and International Education Society.

Ph.D., Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, University of Toronto
M.A., Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, University of Toronto
B.A., Principia College


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In the News

Dr. Meggan Madden facilitated a workshop for the Travel Ambassadors of DCPS Global Study Abroad on "Self-Care and Creating Brave Spaces." This workshop was based on a self-care matrix for creating courageous conversations that she and her colleagues produced as part of the Faculty Development Working Group of Diversity Abroad.

Dr. Meggan Madden gave a keynote talk at the International Symposium of the Association of College and University Housing Officers-International (ACUHO-I). The talk was titled "Examining international trends in equity and access to higher education for diverse student populations."

Dr. Meggan Madden and doctoral student Nickie Smith (Higher Education Administration) are co-authors of an article entitled “Undocumented Student Participation in Education Abroad: An Institutional Analysis" in Frontiers: The Interdisciplinary Journal of Study Abroad.

International Education Program faculty, students, and alumni represented GSEHD at the Comparative and International Education Society Conference in Mexico City. Participants included: Heidi Gibson, Dr. Laura Engel, Clark Boothby, Janet Gao, Jeffrey Coupe, Elizabeth Solem, Erik Child, Dr. James Williams, Dr. Meggan Madden, Ingrid Hall, Dr. Bernhard Streitwieser, Sadaf Asrar, Kavita Meengama, Kelsey Sherbondy, Hafsa Alvi, Sabrina Curtis, Jisun Jeong, Tory McKillop, Justin Rotundo, Aishwarya Khurana, Patrick Young and Wajiha Saqib.

GSEHD and ESIA students were in high attendance during Saturday's Washington Consortium for Comparative and International Education and Training at American University's Spring Valley Campus led by IEP's Interim Program Director Dr. Bernhard Streitwieser​ and Dr. Meggan Madden. The conference theme was inspired by the related 2018 Comparative and International Education Society (CIES) theme, "Mapping Global Education: South-North and North-South Dialogue." The following students presented: Lucia Mohamed (IEP), Mara Ohorodnik (IEP), Justin Rotundo (IEP), Hafsa Alvi (Ed Policy), Nenelwa Tomi (IEP), Wajiha Saqib (Ed Policy), Panfei Shi (IEP), Priyal Gala (IEP), Aishwarya Khurana (C&I), William Webber (IEP), and Chris Hicks (ESIA). Students presented on topics ranging from the cause of female dropout rates in Sindh as girls reach puberty, alternative education recommendations for Japanese students refusing to go to school, strengthening the U.S.-Mexico relationship through educational exchange and a personal narrative that employed decolonizing methodology to critically examine the colonial residue at the George Washington University.