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GSEHD offers students a wide array of programs to choose from, but what unites our students is each program’s commitment to make a difference. Through courses, partnerships, internships, and study abroad programs, GSEHD students actively use their studies to be of service to marginalized and underserved communities.

Student Features on EdFix

EdFix is GSEHD’s official podcast hosted by Dean Michael Feuer. EdFix aims to open the conversation about the practice and promise of education, as well as tackle some of education’s most complex issues through discussions with researchers, practitioners, policymakers. Amongst regular guests on EdFix are GSEHD students who are using their research and studies to work towards positive and inclusive changes in the realm of education.

Episode 4: "He looks like me!" How a Book Club for Boys Inspired a Culture of Reading at a D.C. School In 2010, only 20% of the students at D.C.’s Truesdell Education Campus could read on grade level. Eight years later, more than 87% can read on or above grade level--and they love reading! How did this school turn it around? Principal Mary Ann Stinson and Assistant Principal Michael Redmond II, both GSEHD doctoral students, share their creative strategies, data-driven approach, and unwavering commitment to closing the opportunity gap in their school community.



ARC Multicultural Student Group


The ARC is an open and inclusive space for underrepresented students to create community, discuss issues and share personal experiences. The Arc strives empowers underrepresented populations by honoring their individual experiences, facilitate educational opportunities and conversations for the GSEHD community, and affirm and celebrate the unique nature of our students.



Partners + Relationships = International Meaningful Experiences (GSEHD PRIME) was launched in order to build connections and friendships between GSEHD's international and domestic students. The purpose of the program is to provide incoming international students with a support network to help with their transition to DC and life as a graduate student, while at the same time providing domestic students the opportunity to learn about other cultures, explore DC, and connect to the GSEHD community.


See How GSEHD Students are Making a Difference

This message was sent to the GSEHD community in the wake of the attacks in Atlanta that killed eight people, including six Asian women, on March 16, 2021.
Luqman Adeniyi is an Associate Producer at CNN and a student in the Master's in Organizational Leadership and Learning program.
The panel was organized by Embassy of the Republic of Azerbaijan to the U.S., The U.S.-Azerbaijan Chamber of Commerce, and Muslim American Leadership Alliance.
Dr. Delishia Pittman and 3 counseling doc candidates published an article on the topic of relationships between stress, social support and drinking behavior.
Angel Jones (PhD Education) presented a paper entitled, "Refrain, Reframe, Reclaim: How Black Female College Students Respond to Racial Microaggressions.
GSEHD students Mary Ann Stinson and Michael Redmond II (Special Education and Disability Studies) highlighted in GW Today story.