Linda Lemasters

Linda Lemasters
Associate Professor Emerita, Educational Administration

Dr. Lemasters came to George Washington University in 1999. Prior to that she worked as a teacher and superintendent in Glouchester County Schools.

She was awarded $2.77 million in funding over three years (2013-2016) for the creation of FUNDED an Education Facilities Clearinghouse (EFC), a program that will address the PROJECTS varied needs of students and the education community. The EFC developed training and gathered resources related to educational facility planning, design, financing, construction, improvement, operations and maintenance. The research team also collected resources and practices on issues related to ensuring safe, healthy, and high-performing public educational facilities.

Dr. Lemasters wrote and contributed to a number of books on Education Administration including School maintenance and renovation: Administrative policies, practices and economics and At the tipping point: Navigating the course for the preparation of educational administrators.


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In the News

GSEHD alumnus Dr. Maurice Smith (Ed.D., Educational Administration and Leadership) has published a children's book entitled Uncle Charles and Me!. Dr. Smith is an Assistant Principal at Prince Edward Middle School in Farmville, VA.

Dr. Linda Lemasters was the keynote speaker for the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB): 21st Century Schools-XI School Infrastructure Regional Workshop for Latin American countries. The topic was Main Issues for School Maintenance in the U.S. In addition, later in the week Dr. Lemasters led a discussion on funding school maintenance in underdeveloped countries. Twelve countries presented infrastructure projects in their countries, and the attendees visited various school projects in Barbados sponsored by the IDB.

Dr. Linda Lemasters published an article with recent alumna Liz Johnson (Ed.D., education policy and leadership) titled A Complexity Context to Classroom Interactions and Climate: ABM Forecasting Achievement in the Journal on Policy and Complex Systems.

GSEHD doctoral student Anh-Thy Nguyen (educational administration and policy) was selected to participate in the 37th Annual David L. Clark National Graduate Student Research Seminar in K-12 Educational Administration and Policy, which will be held April 26-27, 2017 in San Antonio, Texas. Nearly 90 doctoral students from seven countries were nominated this year, but the Clark Scholarship selected only the top-ranked proposals. Ms. Nguyen's proposal is entitled Examining School Principals' Understanding of Data-Driven Decision Making: A Descriptive Study of Virginia's Public Elementary School Principals and Their Understanding and Use of Data as They Relate to Student Achievement, and her chair is Dr. Linda Lemasters. The Clark Seminar brings together emerging K-12 educational leadership and policy scholars with noted researchers for two days of presentations, generative discussion, and professional growth.

Dr. Linda Lemasters and Dr. Abe Tekleselassie hosted colleagues from Taibah University for a two week trip to the United States. Dr. Nayyaf Rasheed Aljabri, Dr. Fatemah Alhazmi, and Dr. Abdourahmane Barry of Taibah University spent time in both Washington, D.C. and Hampton Roads.