Michael Marquardt

Michael Marquardt
Professor Emeritus, Human & Organizational Learning; International Affairs
(571) 553-3764

Dr. Michael Marquardt is Professor Emeritus of Human Resource Development and International Affairs, former Chair of GSEHD's Department of Human and Organizational Learning, and former Program Director of the Executive Leadership Program and Global Leadership in Teams and Organizations Graduate Certificate Program. Mike serves as President of the World Institute for Action Learning.

He has held a number of senior management, training and marketing positions with organizations such as Grolier, American Society for Training and Development, Association Management Inc., Overseas Education Fund, TradeTec, and U.S. Office of Personnel Management.

Dr. Marquardt has trained more than 95,000 managers in nearly 100 countries since beginning his international experience in Spain in 1969. Consulting assignments have included Marriott, Microsoft, Motorola, Nortel, Alcoa, Boeing, Caterpillar, United Nations Development Program, Xerox, Nokia, Constellation, Samsung, Organization of American States, and Singapore Airlines as well as the governments of Indonesia, Laos, Ethiopia, Zambia, Egypt, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Russia, Jamaica, Honduras, and Swaziland.

He enjoys skiing, music and traveling with his Swiss wife, four children and eight grandchildren.

Ed.D., The George Washington University
M.A., State University of New York
B.A., Maryknoll College


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In the News

Professor Emeritus Michael Marquardt co-authored a chapter with GSEHD alumna Dr. Robin Hurst (Master's and Ed.D. in Human Resource Development), Associate Professor at Virginia Commonwealth University, entitled “Action Learning: Past, Present and Future” which will appear in the book Demystifying Action Research: An Overview of the Different Genres (Emerald Press). Dr. Marquardt also wrote a chapter entitled “Using Action Learning to Build Learning Organzations” for the Oxford Handbook of the Learning Organization (Oxford Press). In addition, he co-authored an article with GSEHD alumna Dr. Veronica Haight (Ed.D., Executive Leadership Program), Training Specialist in People Operations at Google, for The Learning Organization Journal entitled “How Chief Learning Officers Build Learning Organizations.”

Dr. Michael Marquardt was interviewed for a Brazilian documentary which is focused on the future of the world economy and the importance of leadership and learning. Others interviewed for the documentary include Nobel Prize winner, Michael Spence; Harvard Professor Jeffrey Miron; Columbia Professor, Jagdish Bhagwaita, economist Barry Eichengreen; sociologist, Boivar Lamounier as well as Brazilian philosophers Luis Ponde and Clovis Filho. The documentary will be shown in movies theaters in Brazil and available worldwide on social media on YouTube. Dr. Marquardt was also recognized with a plaque by the Commissioner of the Federal Acquisition Service for his contributions to the GSA Executive Acquisition Leadership Program, which included staff from both the US General Services Administration and the Canadian Services Procurement Agency.

Dr. Michael Marquardt’s 26th book, Optimizing the Power of Action Learning (3rd ed.), has been published by Hachette Press. In this book, Dr. Marquardt brings together 20 best-practice examples and the fundamentals first introduced in his best seller Action Learning in Action to deliver next generation tools and advanced skill techniques to make action learning successful every time in any organization.

Dr. Michael Marquardt was the guest speaker at the Federal Government’s Action Learning Community of Practice workshop. Over 40 Federal Chief Learning Officers attended.

Dr. Michael Marquardt presented a session entitled “How I wrote 24 Books” at the National Conference of the Academy of Human Resource Development in Richmond, Virginia. He also did a video presentation to 80 members of the Polish Institute for Action Learning on the topic of “10 Strategies to Improve Action Learning Programs in Your Organization.”