Karen Ihrig

Karen Ihrig
Assistant Professor, Special Education & Disability Studies
(202) 994-5986


Hess-Rice, L., Ihrig, K., Merves, E., & Brown, M. (2010). In J. L. Nath, I. Guadarrama, & J. Ramsey, (Eds.), Investigating university/ school partnerships: A volume in professional development school research. Greenwich, CT: Information Age.

In the News

Drs. Elisabeth Rice and Karen Ihrig published an article with Special Education and Disability Studies alumnae Margaux Brown, Kandace Hoppin, Amy Srsic, Adelaide Kelly-Massoud and doctoral student Melissa Boston in the Journal of Child and Families Studies.

Special Education and Disability Studies faculty, staff, students and alumni presented at the recent Council for Exceptional Children conference. Dr. Joan Kester, with doctoral students Matthew Flanagan and Julie Stella, presented the session "Transition Discoveries: Data-Driven Planning and Pathways to Success," where participants learned about the Transition Discoveries Quality Indicator research project, a multi-year participatory action study. Dr. Elisabeth Rice, Dr. Karen Ihrig, and GSEHD alumna Dr. Amy Srsic (with the University of Pittsburgh), presented a poster session entitled, "Raising Girls with Emotional and Behavioral Disorders: Perceptions of 16 Caregivers."