Dr. Brian Casemore

Dr. Brian Casemore headshot

Dr. Brian Casemore

Associate Professor, Curriculum and Pedagogy

School: Graduate School of Education and Human Development

Department: Curriculum and Pedagogy


Office Phone: (202) 994-2011

Brian Casemore teaches courses in curriculum theory, English education, human development, and social diversity, and he works to further humanities education through educational projects that center the arts and aesthetic experiences. Brian develops educational programming in the framework of Community-Engaged Teaching (CET), preparing teachers to foster community in classrooms and schools through academic study, autobiographical inquiry, and engagement with larger civic and social spheres.

In the field of curriculum studies, Brian’s research focuses on autobiography, place, and psychoanalysis. His book on southern place and identity, The Autobiographical Demand of Place: Curriculum Inquiry in the American South (Peter Lang, 2008), explores the role of place in self-formation and conceptualizes a southern studies curriculum rooted in southern literature and autobiographical inquiry.

Ph.D., Louisiana State University

M.Ed., Louisiana State University

B.A., Louisiana State University

  • Curriculum Studies
  • Curriculum Theory
  • Secondary English Education
  • Humanities Education
  • Anti-racist Education
  • Diversity Education
  • Autobiographical Theory and Research Practices
  • Psychoanalysis and Education
  • Narrative and Literary Studies in Education
  • Place and Community-based Education
  • Informal Educational Programming for Youth Focused on Literacy, Literature, and Writing
  • Social Psychoanalysis (Psychosocial Studies)
  • Sexuality Studies
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  • November 2023 - Dr. Brian Casemore was named to the board of Maryland Humanities, a statewide, educational nonprofit organization that fosters engagement with art, literature, history, philosophy, and other humanistic fields toward enriching personal, cultural, and social life within and among Maryland's communities. 

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