Research and ideas come to life when put into practice. With Washington DC at your doorstep, countless opportunities are presented to turn classroom conversations into meaningful change.

Choose to intern at the White House, advocate change on Capitol Hill, serve at an international development organization, or sharpen your skills working at a non-profit - you will have the chance to explore, engage, advocate, and transform the conversation. Whether you want to change one life at a time or the nation's course, GSEHD offers you a foundation to excel and succeed.

Programs by School

Programs by Department

Counseling and Human Development

A variety of counseling programs are designed to prepare students to become skilled professional practitioners in an expansive range of counseling specialties, including school counseling, clinical mental health counseling, rehabilitation counseling and career and workforce development, among others.

Our esteemed faculty members hold leadership positions in national counseling associations and can help you build networks that will last a lifetime.

Curriculum and Pedagogy

GSEHD prepares educators, specialists, and researchers through programs that are interdisciplinary and research-based.

Whether you wish to teach elementary or secondary education in the U.S. and internationally, develop expertise in reading and literacy, or prepare for National Board Certification, we have nationally-recognized and nationally-accredited certificate and masters programs for you.

Educational Leadership

Offering a wide array of programs from education policy to higher education administration to museum education, GSEHD offers a curriculum-rich scholarly experience. Students integrate theory seamlessly with practice, developing into successful leaders in their fields.

Our location in Washington, DC, offers unique opportunities for the integration of real-world experience into education, whether one's interest lies in government work, educational administration, educational technology, cultural institutions, or international education.

Human and Organizational Learning

Human and Organizational Learning focuses on the interrelationships among people, organizations, and learning, while utilizing systematic change processes.

Our programs teach learners to challenge assumptions through critical reflection, and foster group and self-directed learning. Theory, research, and practice are balanced throughout the curriculum. Students are encouraged to form learning communities to provide collective support, promote action learning, and model a learning culture.

Special Education and Disability Studies

GSEHD prepares 21st Century scholar-leaders who can promote the educational and social development of children and youth with disabilities from birth to adulthood and reduce their social exclusion.

GSEHD offers a variety of specialized programs that equip students with the knowledge and expertise to meet a growing need for special education across the developmental spectrum, including early intervention for children with academic and social difficulties or emotional and behavioral disabilities, and the transition needs of adolescents.

Our wide array of programs offers students the chance to hone in on their specialized areas of interest within the field of special education to make a difference through their work, teaching, and research.

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