Bernhard Streitwieser

Bernhard Streitwieser
Associate Professor, International Education & International Affairs
(202) 994-4672

Bernhard Streitwieser’s research looks comparatively at the impact of globalization on the internationalization of higher education. He has three main focus areas:


  • Integration: research on the integration of migrants and refugees into higher education, with a geographic focus on Europe (Germany) and the United States
  • Internationalization & Mobility: research on study abroad, international student exchange, and the professional identity of ‘scholar-practitioners’ managing international education
  • Competition: research on international branch campuses and education hubs


Dr. Streitwieser earned his PhD in International and Comparative Education from Columbia University, Teachers College; his MS in Applied Linguistics from Georgetown University; and his BA in International Relations and a Minor in Spanish from the University of Virginia.

From 2010-2013 Dr. Streitwieser was a visiting professor at Berlin's Humboldt Universität, where he was funded by research grants from the Fulbright Commission and the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD). He also served in 2012-2013 as Interim Chair of the university's Department of Comparative Education. From 2002-2010 he was Associate Director and Senior Researcher at Northwestern University's Searle Center for Advancing Learning and Teaching, and was also a Lecturer in the School of Education and Social Policy. From 2006-2008 he was the Associate Director of Northwestern’s Study Abroad Office. Previously, Dr. Streitwieser was a guest researcher at the Max-Planck-Institut für-Bildungsforschung in Berlin, where he was supported by a Bundeskanzler Grant from the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, and a Research Analyst at the American Institutes for Research in Washington, DC.

In 2014 Dr. Streitwieser published Internationalisation of Higher Education and Global Mobility for the Oxford Studies in Comparative Education series; in 2016 he published International Higher Education’s Scholar-Practitioners: Bridging Research and Practice, for Symposium Books; and in 2020 he published his third edited book, Education Abroad: Bridging Scholarship and Practice for Routledge's Internationalization of Higher Education series. His other current book project is Higher Education in the Era of Migration, Displacement and Internationalization, also for Routledge. He has published chapters in books with Routledge; Springer; Peter Lang; Palgrave-Macmillan; Teachers College Press; Sense; Symposium; IGI Global Press; the Schneider Verlag; and the Verlag Dr. Kovac, and in the journals Comparative Education Review; Compare: A Journal of Comparative and International Education; Higher Education Policy; Higher Education; Journal of Studies in International Education; International Journal of Intercultural Relations; Journal of Innovative Higher Education; International Journal of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education; Refuge: Canada's Journal on Refugees; Change: The Magazine of Higher Learning; Research in International and Comparative Education; Journal of the Knowledge Economy; Educational Research & Evaluation; European Education; Global Education Review; Journal for Deradicalization; and the American Journal of Evaluation.

Dr. Streitwieser is on the steering committee of the University Alliance for Refugees and at-Risk Migrants (UARRM) and runs the Berlin Refugee Research Group (BRRG) with colleagues in Germany. In 2016 he won a research grant from the International Education Research Foundation for his study on “German Higher Education and Credentialing Newly Arrived Immigrants,” focusing on Syrian and other newly arrived refugees integrating into German higher education. In 2018 he received funding from the International Institute of Education's Platform for Education in Emergencies Response (PEER) and the Catalyst Foundation to conduct a study “From Non-formal-to-Formal Educational Pathways for Refugee Students. A Research Study Comparing Higher Education Interventions for Refugees in Germany and Lebanon. In 2018-2019 Bernhard Streitwieser served as a NAFSA Senior Fellow.

In the Summer of 2019 Dr. Streitwieser took 13 GW students to Berlin, Hamburg and Chemnitz for a study tour on "Integration of Migrants and Refugees into Higher Education: Case Study Germany" funded by a grant he won from the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD). In July he also hosted a conference on Refugee Integration funded by a grant he won from the Volkswagen Foundation with colleagues from the German Centre for Higher Education Research and Science Studies.

Berlin Refugee Research Group, BRRG
The Berlin refugee Research Group studies pathways, hindrances and opportunities fostering refugee access to and integration into German universities. Its projects focus on Berlin’s research universities and universities of applied sciences. Interview phases so far have included in-depth studies of administrators working with refugee students, and refugee students beginning university studies. The BRRG's research has been profiled in the forthcoming book, Migrants, Refugees and Global Challenges in Higher Education (Peter Lang Publishers); the Deutsche Universitätszeitung; and the journal, Global Education Review. The team is applying for funding to support additional data collection. Members of the team are: Bernhard Streitwieser, George Washington University, Maria Anne Schmidt, Hochschule fuer Technik und Wirtschaft Berlin, Katharina Marlen Gläsener, Beuth Hochschule für Technic Berlin, and Lukas Brück of the Robert Bosch Foundation.
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University Alliance for Refugees and at-Risk Migrants, UARRM

The UARRM is committed to mobilizing greater attention for and support from university campuses in the United States for the protection and empowerment of refugees and at-risk migrants, and works with interested partners inside and outside of the Academy to raise awareness, take action, and spring-board promising initiatives. Its members consist of representatives from government, NGOs, think tanks, and a wide and growing diversity of universities.

Non-Formal-to-Formal Educational Pathways for Refugee Students: A Comparative Study of Interventions in Germany and Lebanon

Funded by the International Institute of Education (IIE) Platform for Education in Emergencies Response (PEER) and the Catalyst Foundation.

This project is mapping the pathways refugees take to move from non-formal education (NFE) to formal education (FE) in the Middle East and Europe. The focus is on Lebanon and Germany as comparative cases, but the study also provides a wider mapping to the extent it illuminates both cases. The project highlights existing NFE and FE initiatives and provides detailed examples in both settings to illustrate how they became established, which populations they serve, what challenges they have faced and overcome, what their outcomes have been, what can be improved in the future, and how a better understanding of their efforts provides the research and practitioner community with recommendations for future initiatives. Collaborators on the project are from the George Washington University, the American University Beirut, the Robert Bosch Foundation, and Rutgers University. Members of the team are: Bernhard Streitwieser, George Washington University, Hana Addam El-Ghali, American University of Beirut; Lukas Brueck, Robert Bosch Foundation; Kathryn Duffy-Jaeger, Rutgers University; Jane Roche, Rutgers University; and Jisun Jeong, George Washington University.

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Ph.D., Columbia University, Teachers College
M.S., Georgetown University
B.A., University of Virginia


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In the News

Dr. Bernhard Streitwieser and two colleagues have won the 2020 ASHE Council for International Higher Education's Award for Significant Research on International Higher Education. The prize is for their newly published edited volume, Education Abroad: Bridging Scholarship and Practice (Routledge).

Dr. Bernhard Streitwieser gave a talk on September 10th to the State Department’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs about his “Student Conceptions of International Experience” study with colleagues from Northwestern University.

Dr. Kyle Long and Dr. Bernhard Streitwieser won a grant from the GW University Seminar Fund to coordinate three seminars for the International Education Program on the topic of "Re-Imagining Higher Education Worldwide After Covid-19."

Dr. Bernhard Streitwieser published an article, "Comparing the Responses of US Higher Education Institutions to International and Undocumented Students in the Trump Era,” with colleagues from Rutgers University in the August issue of the journal, Comparative Education Review.

GSEHD master's student Ben Faulkner, program manager in the GW University Honors Program, published an essay, “Rethinking ‘excellence’ in post-pandemic university admissions" in the Times Higher Education. Mr. Faulkner developed his essay in Dr.