Master's Students Nichole Hutchins and Rujjares Hans Lead Middle School Students

Dec 05 - GSEHD master's students Nichole Hutchins and Rujjares Hans (both in the International Education Program) are leading six D.C. middle school students at the Saint Thomas More Catholic Academy (STM), with the assistance of STM Social Studies teacher, Randall Carter, in a Pilot Global Storytelling Challenge focused on telling stories about health from an international perspective. From October to December 2018, Nichole and Rujjares have been meeting with their elementary school students for 1.5 hours weekly to learn, plan and ultimately perform before a live audience two compelling stories about an international issue that affects health.

GSEHD Student Dalton Glasscock Elected Chairman

Dec 05 - GSEHD student Dalton Glasscock (master's, Organizational Leadership and Learning) was elected Chairman of the Republican Party of Sedgwick County in Kansas. Dalton said he was looking forward to “bringing new, vibrant energy to the party and bringing people together uniting the party.”

The GW Jewish Day School Project Presents at Conference

Dec 05 - The GW-Charles E. Smith Jewish Day School (CESJDS) project recently presented at the National Science Teachers Association Area Conference at National Harbor. GSEHD doctoral student Beth Short (Curriculum and Pedagogy) presented a session entitled "Charles E. Smith Jewish Day School and George Washington University's Project for Integrated STEM Education" along with Erin Magee, Hillary Gruber, and Jessie Nathans, all of whom are teachers at CESJDS and are enrolled in the STEM Master Teacher Graduate Certificate. In addition, the CESJDS teachers also presented, "How paintings spark curiosity about STEM and crosscutting concepts."

Professor Emerita Sharon Lynch's Research Featured in Journal

Dec 05 - Professor Emerita Sharon Lynch's research has been featured in Nature: International Journal of Science (2018, Oct. 3). The magazine's Social Policy section featured the OSPrI project with extensive quotes by Dr. Lynch in “Boosting the number of students from underrepresented groups in physics: Drive for Diversity." The OSPrI work was also mentioned in the Greenville Journal's article "Eco-Education: This Upstate charter school wants to change how students think about the environment."

Dr. Burley Participates in an Invitational Convening

Dec 05 - Dr. Diana Burley participated in an invitational convening hosted by the New America Foundation on strategies for increasing the number of women in cybersecurity workforce. The conversation was sponsored by the NIST and the National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education.

Dr. Choi Presents Session at Conference in DC

Dec 05 - Dr. Jaehwa Choi presented a session entitled, "CryptoTest: Solution to AoI Trilemmausing Blockchain and Crypto-economy System" at the 2018 Beyond Multiple Choice conference in Washington, D.C.

Dr. Streitwieser Publishes Report

Dec 05 - Dr. Bernhard Streitwieser published a report, "Universities as Global Advocates: Empowering Educators to Help Refugees and Migrants,” with colleagues from Rutgers University’s University Alliance for Refugees and At-Risk Migrants.

Dr. Korte Completes Two-Day Workshop

Dec 05 - Dr. Russell Korte recently completed a two-day workshop aimed at exploring alternative career possibilities for master’s students in a TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) program at National Chiao Tung University in Taiwan. The workshop specifically focused on social entrepreneurship to help graduate students consider education-related careers beyond traditional teaching in public schools. These traditional jobs are disappearing and students were challenged to re-imagine alternative opportunities to contribute to education and society after they graduate.

Dr. Jacobs Guest Edited and Contributed Article to Journal

Dec 05 - Dr. Benjamin M. Jacobs guest edited and contributed an article to the most recent issue of the journal Theory Into Practice (57:4, Fall 2018), entitled "Critical Lessons: Nel Noddings and Social Education." The articles in this special issue touch on subject matter, pedagogy, teachers, students, stakeholders, contexts, and much more, that span the range of the social (studies) education field. The issue is particularly timely insofar as it uses Noddings' work as a springboard for addressing how critical thinking, contention, reflection and dialogue can be incorporated effectively across all levels of schooling, especially during these fractious times. One of the special features of this special issue is a closing contribution from Noddings herself.