Julya Doyle

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Julya Doyle

Senior Center Tech Assistant & Research Analyst

School: Graduate School of Education and Human Development


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Prior to joining the team with The GW, Julya Doyle worked at the Rehabilitation Services Administration (RSA) in the department of Education as the Financial Management Specialist. She worked for RSA for 15 years, as both a data and financial specialist. In the Data Unit she compiled data analysis, ran Standards and Indicators, assisted in the RSA-911 redesign, and programmed data queries in the RSA website. In her roles as Financial Management Specialist, she was responsible for 22 State VR agencies, trained two new fiscal staff, assisted in writing the pre-employment transition services regulations as a result of WIOA, presented at National Conferences covering fiscal requirements in the VR, CAP, SE, and OIB programs, assisted in developing the policy directives for updated SF-425s, was one of the first fiscal specialists to identify period of performance issues with States, assisted in developing the RSA-17, was responsible for all grant closeouts, Maintenance of Effort and Match data calculations and determinations, and developed and programmed monitoring tables. Julya is considered a National expert in the field for pre-employment fiscal requirements, period of performance, and establishment.