Maria Cseh

Maria Cseh
Associate Professor, Human & Organizational Learning
(202) 994-8649

Dr. Cseh's current research is focused on global mindset, cultural intelligence and competence and the learning and development that will help leaders and change agents address the increasingly complex issues facing our world. She is also continuing her inquiries into brain circulation and learning across cultures, including indigenous learning to find creative and innovative sustainable solutions for healthy organizations and societies.

Ph.D., The University of Georgia
M.A., The University of Georgia
M.S. / B.S., The Polytechnic Institute, Cluj, Romania


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In the News

Human and Organizational Learning program representatives participated in the 17th International Asian Conference of the Academy of Human Resource Development in Bangkok, Thailand:

  • Dr. Maria Cseh organized and participated in an expert panel discussion with GSEHD alumnus Dr. Oliver (“Ozzie”) S. Crocco (Ed.D., Human and Organizational Learning) and other colleagues entitled, "Preparing HRD Professionals for the Global Workplace: A Holistic Learning and Development Approach." The session was focused on the importance of global competence in today’s organizations.
  • Dr. Cseh, Dr. Crocco, and GSEHD doctoral student Chilanay Safarli (Ed.D., Human and Organizational Learning), presented the paper, “The Quest for Indigenous Knowledge, Theory and Practice: Implications for Global Human Resource Development.”
  • Dr. Crocco also presented with his colleague Dr. Oleksandr Tkachenko from the University of New Mexico the paper entitled, “Human Resource Development in ASEAN: Are We Ready to Discuss the Concept of Regional Human Resource Development.”
  • In addition on this trip, Dr. Cseh and Dr. Crocco conducted workshops on “Publishing in peer-reviewed journals and presenting at international conferences” for faculty and doctoral students and on “Cross-cultural Communication in Business Environments and Global Competence Development” for students at the International College, Payap University, and the Far Eastern University in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

GSEHD alumna Dr. Anne Lackritz (Ed.D., Human and Organizational Learning) received Honorable Mention for the AERA Division A (Administration, Organization, & Leadership) Outstanding Dissertation Award, selected as one of three awardees out of twenty-eight nominations. Dr. Maria Cseh served as her dissertation chair for "Leadership Coaching: A Multiple-Case Study of Urban Public Charter School Principals' Experiences."

Join us in recognizing the HOL faculty who were honored with awards at the Academy of Human Resource Development Conference this year:
Dr. Julia Storberg-Walker received the Laura Bierema Excellence in Critical HRD Award, which honors a critical HRD scholar or practitioner who has demonstrated research and activism with impact in HRD.
Dr. Russell Korte received The Elwood F. Holton III Research Excellence Award, which is awarded for the outstanding Human Resource Development Review refereed article in each annual volume.
Dr. Maria Cseh received the Best Reviewer of the Year Award for Human Resource Development Review.

Faculty, students, and alumni presented their research at the National Conference of the Academy of Human Resource Development. Presenters included: Dr. Maria Cseh, alumna Dr. Anne Lackritz (Human and Organizational Learning), doctoral candidate Oliver Crocco (Human and Organizational Learning), former doctoral student Wei Wang (Human and Organizational Learning), Dr. Ellen Scully-Russ, Dr. Neal Chalofsky, alumnus Dr. Ralph Soule (Human and Organizational Learning), alumna Dr. Danielle Dimitrov (Human Resource Development), doctoral student Selena Barlow (Human and Organizational Learning), alumna Dr. Emily Morrison (Human and Organizational Learning), doctoral student Leslie Kirsch (Human and Organizational Learning), doctoral student Terri Hinkley (Human and Organizational Learning), doctoral student John DeForest (Human and Organizational Learning), and doctoral student Cindy Dupree (Human and Organizational Learning).

Dr. Maria Cseh presented a paper with GSEHD alumna Dr. Krishna Gajjar (Ed.D., Human Resource Development) at the Academy of Human Resource Development International Research Conference in India entitled "Community-based Enterprises as Processes for the Sustainable Development of Human and Social Capital in Poor Marginalized Communities." Dr. Cseh was also an invited speaker on the conference Editors Panel which discussed publishing in the Advances of Developing Human Resources journal. Dr. Cseh was also invited to work with leaders and faculty members at the Indian Institute of Management Sirmaur on building a world-class institution, and she led a workshop with Professor Darlene Russ-Eft from Oregon State University on developing global competence and mindset for managers enrolled in the university's MBA program.