Maria Cseh

Maria Cseh
Associate Professor, Human & Organizational Learning
(202) 994-8649

Dr. Cseh's current research is focused on global mindset, cultural intelligence and competence and the learning and development that will help leaders and change agents address the increasingly complex issues facing our world. She is also continuing her inquiries into brain circulation and learning across cultures, including indigenous learning to find creative and innovative sustainable solutions for healthy organizations and societies.

Ph.D., The University of Georgia
M.A., The University of Georgia
M.S. / B.S., The Polytechnic Institute, Cluj, Romania


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In the News

Faculty, doctoral students, candidates, and alumni from GSEHD's Human and Organizational Learning (HOL) program presented at the Academy of Human Resource Development (AHRD) international conference in Atlanta, Georgia in February 2020. Dr. Ellen Scully-Russ and Dr.

Dr. Maria Cseh, along with GSEHD alumnus Dr. Oliver (Ozzie) S. Crocco (Ed.D., Human and Organizational Learning) and doctoral student Chilanay Safarli (Human and Organizational Learning) published a chapter entitled, “Teaching for Globalization: Implications for Knowledge Management in Organizations” in M. Fedeli & L. L.

Dr. Maria Cseh conducted two workshops on Conceptualizing Research Studies and Research Design to international graduate students from Ukraine, Syria, Jordan, Pakistan, Morocco, China, and South Africa, studying the University of Pécs in Hungary.

Dr. Maria Cseh published two peer-reviewed chapters in the book Evidence-Based Initiatives for Organizational Change and Development, which is part of the Advances in Business Strategy and Competitive Advantage (ABSCA) Book Series. One chapter was co-authored with GSEHD alumna Dr. Beatriz Coningham (Ed.D., Human and Organizational Learning) entitled "Culturally-informed evidence-based organizational change and development through the lens of complexity theory" and the other with Dr. John Baaki from Old Dominion University entitled, "Creating a business unit within a large sports and entertainment organization’s theater operation: Reflections on the change process."

GSEHD faculty, doctoral students, candidates, and alumni from the Human and Organizational Learning Program presented papers/posters and received several awards at the 2019 Academy of Human Resource Development (AHRD) International Research Conference in Louisville, Kentucky. GSEHD alumna Dr. Malikah Abdullah Alturki received the Esworthy Malcolm S. Knowles Dissertation of the Year award for her dissertation, “The Entrepreneurial Learning Processes of Saudi Women Entrepreneurs: A Grounded Theory.” Her dissertation chair was Dr. Maria Cseh. Dr. Julia Storberg-Walker and Randal Joy Thompson received the R. Wayne Pace HRD Book of the Year award for their book, Leadership and Power in International Development: Navigating the Intersections of Gender, Culture, Context, and Sustainability. Doctoral candidate Maryanne Elliott and her colleagues Brad Shuck, Meera Alagaraja and Dr. Denise Cumberland from the University of Louisville won a Cutting Edge Award for their conference paper, “Compassionate Leader Behavior: An Emerging Framework for Consideration.” See all the awards and presentations by the HOL participants.