Maria Cseh

Maria Cseh
Associate Professor, Human & Organizational Learning
(202) 994-8649

Dr. Cseh's current research is focused on global mindset, cultural intelligence and competence and the learning and development that will help leaders and change agents address the increasingly complex issues facing our world. She is also continuing her inquiries into brain circulation and learning across cultures, including indigenous learning to find creative and innovative sustainable solutions for healthy organizations and societies.

Ph.D., The University of Georgia
M.A., The University of Georgia
M.S. / B.S., The Polytechnic Institute, Cluj, Romania


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In the News

Dr. Maria Cseh presented a paper with GSEHD alumna Dr. Krishna Gajjar (Ed.D., Human Resource Development) at the Academy of Human Resource Development International Research Conference in India entitled "Community-based Enterprises as Processes for the Sustainable Development of Human and Social Capital in Poor Marginalized Communities." Dr. Cseh was also an invited speaker on the conference Editors Panel which discussed publishing in the Advances of Developing Human Resources journal. Dr. Cseh was also invited to work with leaders and faculty members at the Indian Institute of Management Sirmaur on building a world-class institution, and she led a workshop with Professor Darlene Russ-Eft from Oregon State University on developing global competence and mindset for managers enrolled in the university's MBA program.

Dr. Maria Cseh and GSEHD doctoral student Oliver Crocco (human and organizational learning) led a group of 12 students to Lisbon, Portugal as part of HOL 6747: International and Multicultural Issues in Organizations. The group visited local and international businesses, learned from important cultural sites, and attended the 18th International Conference on Human Resource Development Across Europe hosted by Universidade Europeia. Dr. Cseh and Mr. Crocco presented on "Global stewardship: The role of human resource development in fostering openness to the other." GSEHD students Stephanie Erwin, Corey Adams, Danielle Tope, Kareem Makhlouf, Alysha Cieniewicz, Leslie Kirsch, and Lisa Stern also presented papers on a variety of topics at the conference.

Students, alumni, faculty, and staff represented GSEHD at the GW Research Days event last week. Thanks to everyone who presented their important work or participated as judges and mentors. (Poster descriptions are available in the Research Days Abstract Book - pages 20-38.)

Faculty, alumni, and students represented GSEHD at the 2017 Academy for Human Resource Development International Research Conference in San Antonio, TX. Faculty members attended journal editorial board meetings and gave presentations. Dr. Hyung Joon Yoon presented Psychometric Properties of the Hope-centered Career Inventory: An Update after Six Years of Administration. Dr. Maria Cseh presented What's in a Name? Deconstructing the Meaning of Cultural Intelligence, Global Mindset, Intercultural Competence and Related Terms/Constructs. Dr. Julia Storberg-Walker presented Promoting Your Individual Research via Social Media. Special honors went to Dr. Ellen Scully-Russ and recent alumnus William A. Kurtz for being the Second Runner-Up for Esworthy Malcolm S. Knolwes Dissertation of the Year Award.

Faculty, students, and an alumnus from GSEHD's Human and Organizational Learning program participated in the 2016 Academy of Human Resource Development (AHRD) International Research Conference in Asia and MENA that was held in Ifrane, Morocco at Al Akhawayn University (AUI). Dr. Hyung Joon Yoon organized the conference, serving as the scientific chair and proceedings editor; Dr. Maria Cseh delivered an opening keynote speech titled Transforming Nations and Societies through Lifelong Learning: The Role of Human Resource Development in the Global Context; Dr. Julia Storberg-Walker provided two pre-conference workshops on Writing for Scholarly Publication and Leadership Development through Women's Ways of Knowing and facilitated a conference closing panel on Exploring Contemporary Moroccan Issues and Opportunities with Implications for HRD; Oliver Crocco (doctoral student), Dollaya Hemmapattawe (alumnus), and Dr. Cseh presented on Corporate Universities and Corporation-University Partnerships in Thailand: Complimenting Education in Learning, Leadership, and Change; and Abdulrhman Alanzy (doctoral student) presented on Human Resource Development in Saudi Arabia.