Student Success: FAQs


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Questions? We can help!

While your Student Success team is always happy to assist, the guide below provides answers to the most common questions. Start here, and if you need additional assistance or your question is not covered, contact your Student Success Coach.





Course Registration

How do I register for classes?

Registration for Summer 2024 is open now!

Follow the Registrar's guide for online course registration >

Who is my advisor?

Each student is assigned a faculty advisor. If you’re not sure who your faculty advisor is, you can find their name on your DegreeMAP.

I have a registration hold on my account. What should I do?

Login to GWeb to view your holds. If you’re not sure what your hold is for, call the phone number listed next to the hold description to be connected to the relevant office.

Can I register with a hold on my account?

No, the registrar will not allow registration in anything, including a Leave of Absence, if you have an active hold. Please be sure to clear your hold before registering. (see answer above for more information)

What courses should I register for during the next semester?

Check in with your faculty advisor and/or program staff for assistance. If you’re not sure who your faculty advisor is, you can find their name on your DegreeMAP.

My DegreeMAP doesn’t look right, who do I contact for assistance?

Please reach out to your Student Success Coach with a description of what looks wrong to you; we’ll look into it and follow up.

I want to take a course that’s outside of my program. Is that possible?

It’s possible, but requires approval from your advisor and the instructor of the course. You can receive instructor approval to register via a signed Registration Transaction Form, and advisor approval to count it toward your program via a signed Program Plan Change Form. Email both of these forms to your Student Success Coach for processing.

I am unable to register via GWeb, what do I do now?

Reach out to your Student Success Coach for troubleshooting.

I am unable to take coursework in the upcoming semester, or there is no coursework available that applies toward my degree. What do I do?

You can enroll in a Leave of Absence instead to remain in student status; please fill out a Leave of Absence/Continuous Enrollment form.

How can I register for a Leave of Absence?
Fill out the Leave of Absence/Continuous Enrollment form, and email it back to us at





Financial Aid

I have questions about tuition/financial aid. Who do I contact?

Newly admitted students: For questions about tuition, fees and GSEHD scholarships, contact Admissions at or 202-994-9283.

Returning students: For questions about tuition, fees and GSEHD scholarships, contact

For information and support regarding financial aid, contact the Office of Student Financial Assistance directly.

I have questions about the FAFSA. Who do I contact?

You are required to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) each year in order to apply for financial aid from GW. The form is available each year on October 1.

GW’s Office of Student Financial Assistance should be your main point of contact for all questions related to the FAFSA and loan process.

Review Instructions for FAFSA >

Are there funding/financial aid opportunities available for grad school?

There are various opportunities to receive funding through GW, GSEHD, and external resources. Explore our "Funding" page to learn more. The list of opportunities is not comprehensive, but it is a great start to learn more about options for funding your graduate education.

Visit the Office of Graduate Student Assistantships & Fellowships for additional potential funding opportunities.

Explore Opportunities on OSFA Site >

How do I submit payment for tuition?

GW bills by semester according to registration. Once you have registered for classes, a Statement of Account will be emailed to your GW email account regarding the payment amount and due date. We do not mail paper statements; all billing is done electronically through the Student Account eBill.

Please note: Payment for the semester is due on the first day of the semester on the main campus, not the first day of your session or the first day of the semester for an off-campus course, or upon registration for any courses added after the first day. Your billing statement will include the billing due date. View full list of financial due dates and deadlines >

Review Bill and Submit Payment >

How do I check to see if my scholarships/grants have been added to my account?

Students receiving a tuition award (scholarship or grant) should monitor their Student Account eBill for posting details.

Note: Tuition discount awards will be added to your student account in the weeks prior to the first day of classes. Please do not pay your eBill until the award is listed on your student account.