Jonathan Eakle

Jonathan Eakle
Associate Professor, Curriculum & Pedagogy
(202) 994-6821

Dr. Jonathan Eakle's research involves literacy in schools and in informal learning environments with a focus on museums, the arts, and humanities. He guides doctoral and masters of arts education programs in curriculum and instruction in which he teaches interdisciplinary education topics.

For nearly a decade, Dr. Eakle was at Johns Hopkins University where he was an associate research professor, the director of language, literacy, and reading education programs, taught masters of science and doctoral students, and served on the Johns Hopkins University Press.

His most recent research projects are about museum literacies in Mexico City; affective dimensions of terrorism and education, and about literacies, affect, and assemblage; his latest book is about current debates in education; and his recent edited book contributions involve media literacies and true crime drama; and literacies of sensations and affect in a museum school.

He also co-edited the fourth and newest volume of the 50-year-old series titled "Secondary School Literacy: What Research Reveals for the Classroom Practice." published by the National Council of Teachers of English and endorsed by the National Conference for Research in Language and Literacy.

For over three years, Dr. Eakle compiled international research reports for Reading Research Quarterly. In addition, he has worked on projects for the National Science Foundation; Center for Early Reading Achievement; International Reading Association; American Reading Forum; Literacy Research Association; Maryland State Department of Education; Center for Education, Imagination, and the Natural World; Corcoran School of Arts and Design; and the Smithsonian Institution, among others.


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In the News

Drs. Tiffany-Rose Sikorski, Maia Sheppard, Curtis Pyke, and Jonathan Eakle were awarded a Collaboration Grant from 100Kin10 for their ongoing work with the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History and Loyola University Chicago to find better ways to link university-based teacher preparation programs with museums and cultural institutions.