Candice D. Matthews

Candice D. Matthews
Visiting Assistant Professor, Human and Organizational Learning
(202) 994-1477

Candice D. Matthews, Ed.D is a Visiting Assistant Professor in the Department of Human and Organizational Learning. Prior to joining GW, she was a Manager on the Alumni Affairs team at Teach For America, Greater Philadelphia. During her time at Teach For America, Greater Philadelphia, she also worked with the Strategy, Talent and Operations team.

Dr. Matthews’ worked in civil services where she collaborated with various units to ensure the delivery of services for people diagnosed with intellectual (dis)abilities. While working in civil services, she assisted with the development and implementation of policies, trained external organizations and staff, and collaborated with stakeholders on the creation of a strategic plan for a State initiative.

Her research interests include social entrepreneurship, organizational culture and development, leadership, adult learning and women's empowerment. Currently, she is continuing her work on the identity of women social entrepreneurs.

Dr. Matthews completed her doctoral work at The George Washington University. She received both her Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism and her Master’s degree in Urban Education from Temple University, USA.

She is a member of the Academy of Management and has had her work presented at its annual conferences.

Ed.D., The George Washington University
M.Ed., Temple University
B.A.,Temple University


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