GWTeach Master Teacher SuJin Choi Gives Presentations

Feb 10 - GWTeach Master Teacher SuJin Choi gave two presentations to math teachers at the DC Public Schools district-wide professional development day on January 23, 2019. The titles of the presentations were "Visualizing 3D Volume & Surface Area Formulas" and "Factoring Done Differently--Does it Work?"

Dr. Streitwieser and Research Group Publish Book Chapter

Feb 10 - Dr. Bernhard Streitwieser and his Berlin Refugee Research Group published the chapter, “Not Quite a Crises but a Coping Challenge: How Berlin Universities Responded to the Refugee Influx of 2015-2016” in the book, Refugees, Migrants, and Global Challenges in Higher Education with Peter Lang Press.

GSEHD Alumna Dr. Maranda Ward Appointed Member of Commission

Jan 22 - GSEHD alumna Dr. Maranda Ward (Ed.D., Curriculum and Instruction), has been appointed as a member of the D.C. Department of Health Commission on Health Equity.

GSEHD Doctoral Student Beth Short Receives Grant

Jan 22 - GSEHD doctoral student Beth Short (Ed.D., Curriculum and Instruction) received a Collaboration Grant from 100kin10 ($1,420) to work with researchers at Purdue University to find new ways to help late elementary and middle school students make connections between local and global socio-ecological problems. Collaboration between GW and Purdue will begin this spring.

Dr. Watkins Celebrates Podcast Milestone

Jan 22 - Dr. Ryan Watkins and his co-host recently celebrated the airing of the 40th episode of their podcast Parsing Science. For the episode they interviewed researchers at UCLA about the role of cognitive bias in how the US Supreme Court uses, or dismisses, social science research in their decisions. Listen to this episode and past episodes at

Dr. Burley Interviewed for News Segment

Jan 22 - Dr. Diana Burley was interviewed for a news segment on CTV News Toronto Canada on the recent story about Facebook shutting down hundreds of Russia-linked pages.

Dr. Sikorski Gives Presentation at Meeting

Jan 22 - Dr. Tiffany Sikorski gave an invited presentation at the American Association of Physics Teachers Winter Meeting in Houston, TX. The title of the presentation was "How Students Perceive an Instructor’s Emphasis on Limiting Case Analysis." Dr. Gary D. White from GW's Department of Physics was her co-author.

Dr. Engel Writes Guest Blog Post

Jan 22 - Dr. Laura Engel wrote a guest blog post for Education Week entitled "Global Education in Context: Four Models, Four Lessons," based on her National Geographic Society funded project.

Dr. Sheppard Co-Authors Article

Jan 22 - Dr. Maia Sheppard co-authored an article in Teaching and Teacher Education entitled "Emotions and teacher decision making: An analysis of social studies teachers' perspectives" with Dr. Sara Levy from Wells College.

Dr. Chalofsky Co-Authors Chapter with Alumna

Jan 22 - Dr. Neal Chalofsky co-authored a chapter on well-being and meaningful work with GSEHD alumna Dr. Elizabeth Cavallaro (Ed.D., Human and Organizational Learning) in the Oxford University Handbook of Meaningful Work. The chapter is entitled: "To Have Lived Well: Well-Being and Meaningful Work."