Who do I want to be? Learning to lead humanistically

Dr. Shaista E. Khilji delivered a keynote at PWiC's (Pakistani Women in Computing) GetHired 2020 virtual event. Her talk was entitled, "Who do I want to be? Learning to lead humanistically."

Faculty Member Presents on Collaborative Autoethnography

Dr. Julia Storberg-Walker presented on collaborative autoethnography as a part of the Fetzer Scholars Program of the Academy of Management (AOM). The Management Spirituality and Religion Interest group of the AOM has awarded 40 scholarships, funded by the Fetzer Institute, to emerging scholars and advanced doctoral students from around the world.

The Impact of COVID19 on Childhood Mental Health

Dr. Maggie Parker moderated a panel of experts the latest installment in GSEHD's Conversations that Matter series. If you weren't able to attend the live presentation, you can watch a video recording of the discussion about "The Impact of COVID19 on Childhood Mental Health."

GSEHD Alumnus Named At-Larger Director for CRCC

GSEHD alumnus, Dr. Rob Froehlich (Counseling), was elected to serve as an At-Large Director (2021 - 2024) on the Commission on Rehabilitation Counselor Certification's (CRCC) Board of Directors.

Faculty Member Provides Trauma-Informed Care Trainings to Local Organization

Dr. Bagmi Das provided program-wide Trauma-Informed Care Trainings to the Baltimore and Washington, DC branches of Literacy Labs, a locally-based literacy building non-profit organization.

The Future of Work and STEM Education in a Global Context

Dr. Maria Cseh, together with colleagues from the University of Pécs, Hungary, organized an international research conference on the “The Future of Work and STEM Education in a Global Context” and also presented in the conference. The title of her presentation was, “The role of Human and Organizational Learning in STEM Education.” The conference was supported by the European Union, co-financed by the European Social Fund in the framework of the Human Resources Development Operational Programme [HU], 2014-2020