GSEHD Students Have a Seat at the Table

Nov 20 - GSEHD master's students Rachel Horowitz and Savon Jackson (both International Education), were members of the Atlantic Council and NAFSA Special Roundtable Dialogue on Shaping the Principles of the New Global Order. The Special Roundtable Dialogue convened a select group of students from universities in the Washington, DC area for a discussion and exchange of views on what principles should be included in the Declaration of Principles, which will outline a new set of principles for addressing today’s challenges that could serve as a common strategic vision for advancing a rules-based global order.

GSEHD Alumna Gabrielle Julien-Molineaux to Work at GW

Nov 20 - GSEHD alumna Gabrielle Julien-Molineaux (Ed.D., Higher Education Administration) will serve as the Interim Vice Provost for Graduate Enrollment Management at GW.

GSEHD Alumna Lisa Childress Publishes Book

Nov 20 - GSEHD alumna Lisa Childress (Ed.D., Higher Education Administration) recently published the second edition of her book The Twenty-First Century University: Developing Faculty Engagement in Internationalization (Complicated Conversation).

GSEHD Alumnus Aaron Ford Elected Attorney General

Nov 20 - GSEHD alumnus Aaron Ford (master's, International Education) won the election to become Nevada's next attorney general.

GSEHD Doctoral Student Jennifer Donaghue Publishes Article

Nov 20 - Jennifer Donaghue, GSEHD doctoral student (Ed.D., Higher Education Administration) and Director of GW's International Services Office, co-authored "Collaborative Leadership: Advancing Diversity, Equity, and Comprehensive Internationalization in Higher Education," which was published for Diversity Abroad.

Drs. Choi and Dardick Provide Training for OSSE

Nov 20 - Dr. Jaehwa Choi and Dr. William Dardick provided a one-day on site training for the Office of the State Superintendent of Education (OSSE) in DC about the "Basics of Educational Measurement."

Dr. Streitwieser Publishes Paper

Nov 20 - Dr. Bernhard Streitwieser published a paper in The International Journal of Intercultural Relations entitled, "Assessing Student Conceptions of International Experience: Developing a Validated Survey Instrument." In addition, Dr. Streitwieser presented a paper, "Expanding the Tent of Who Participates in International Education" at Morgan State University's International Education Week.

Dr. Shirrell Co-Authors Paper

Nov 20 - Dr. Matthew Shirrell co-authored a paper with Travis Bristol, entitled “Who Is Here to Help Me? The Work-Related Social Networks of Staff of Color in Two Mid-Sized Districts,” which was published in American Educational Research Journal.

Dr. Frey Presents Poster at Convention

Nov 20 - Dr. Jennifer Frey and colleague, Dr. Jason Chow (Virginia Commonwealth University), presented their poster, "Teacher Ratings and Direct Assessment of Elementary Students' Communication Skills: A Latent Variable Approach," at the annual American Speech-Language-Hearing Association Convention in Boston.

Dr. Burley Speaks at Forum

Nov 20 - Dr. Diana Burley spoke at the Millennium Alliance Transformational Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) Forum. She led the keynote discussion on incident response orchestration featuring the CISO's from JCPenny, Draft Kings, RiteAid, and the FBI Deputy Assistant Director. Dr. Burley also hosted expert roundtable discussions on securing the internet and asset management.