Diversity - Courses

Throughout 5 departments, GSEHD offers courses that provide students opportunities to develop and deepen their knowledge and skills to meet the needs of diverse populations. Guided by a commitment to dignity and welfare, a respect for human rights, and preparing knowledgeable professionals to work in a wide array of environments and populations, each department at GSEHD provides students with learning experiences and courses that meet the needs of our ever-changing world. Please review the courses and instructors below. 


Counseling and Human Development

CNSL 6163 - Social and Cultural Dimensions - CNS

CNSL 6164 - Values, Spiritual, and Religious Issues in Counseling

CNSL 6172 - Human Sexuality for Counselors

CNSL 8252 - Leadership and Advocacy in Counseling

CNSL 8254 - Advanced Multicultural Counseling

HDEV 6129 - Cultural Effects on Human Development

Curriculum and Pedagogy

CPED 6131 - Teaching Jewish History to Middle and High School Students

CPED 6172 - Strategies for Inclusion: Addressing the Needs of Diverse Learners

CPED 6551 - Second Language Instructional Methods

CPED 6554 - Issues, Study, and Practices - ESL

CPED 6555 - Educating Language Minorities

CPED 6608 - Development and Diversity

CPED 6627 - Teaching Second Language Reading and Writing

CPED 6175 - The Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Student with Special Needs: Policy, Research, and Trends

CPED 6176 - Academic and Psychosocial Assessment of the Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Student

CPED 6225 - Introduction to International Curricula

CPED 8340 - Education Policy, Reform, and Teacher Leadership

Educational Leadership

EDUC 6238 - Leadership for Equity and Social Justice

Dr. Christine Nganga

EDUC 6244 - School, Family, and Community Engagement

Dr. Kimberly JamisonDr. Leslie Trimmer

EDUC 6530 - Intercultural Campus Leadership

Dr. Deniece DortchDr. Dwayne Kwaysee Wright

EDUC 6615 - Internationalizing U.S. Schools

Dr. Laura Engel

EDUC 6620 - Strategies and Analysis in International Education

Dr. James Williams

EDUC 6640 - Selected Topics in International Education

Dr. Jihae Cha

EDUC 6803 - Introduction to Experiential Jewish Education

Dr. Benjamin Jacobs

EDUC 8323 - Policies of Education Equity

Dr. Yas Nakib

Human and Organizational Learning

HOL 6701 - Adult Learning

HOL 6706 - Current Issues in Organizational Leadership

HOL 6708 - Global Leadership

HOL 6710 - Globalization, Change, and Learning

HOL 6744 - Meaningful Workplaces

HOL 6747 - International and Multicultural Issues in Organizations

HOL 8705 - Organizational Culture

HOL 8742 - Work, Identity, and Adult Development

Special Education

SPED 6214 - Applied Research in Secondary Transition Practices

SPED 6221 - Accessing Community Systems for Individuals with Disabilities

SPED 6222 - Legal Issues and Public Policy for Individuals With Disabilities

SPED 6228 - Community-Based Assessment and Work Sample Development

SPED 6231 - Curriculum and Instructional Methods in Special Education and Transition

SPED 6235 - Employment Models for Individuals with Disabilities

SPED 6238 - Issues in Educating Individuals with Learning, Emotional, and Intellectual Disabilities

SPED 6239 - Teaching and Collaboration for Professionals Working with Students with Disabilities

SPED 6240 - Family Support and Guidance in Special Education

SPED 6254 - Autism Spectrum Disorders and Transition to Employment and Post-Secondary Life

SPED 6255 - Collaboration with Systems and Families

SPED 6272 - Strategies for Inclusion: Addressing the Needs of Diverse Learners

SPED 6273 - Impact of Culture on Education

SPED 6275 - The Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Student with Disabilities: Policy, Research, and Trends

SPED 6277 - Teaching Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Students with Disabilities

SPED 6283 - The Urban Impact on Children and Youth with Disabilities

SPED 8352 - Disability and Public Policy