Streitwieser and Alumni Debut New Book During Expert Panel

September 27, 2023

Dr. Bernhard Streitwieser recently participated on an expert panel for Harvard University’s Diwan Organization titled, "Luminosity Through Learning: Illuminating Refugee Education." The event was co-hosted by the Refugee Educational Advancement Laboratory (REAL) and moderated by REAL student co-leader, Jacqueline Hatch. During the session, Dr. Streitwieser, founding director of REAL, discussed the organization and also debuted their new book, Accessing Quality Education: Local and Global Perspectives from Refugees. This book was conceived, researched, and written by the students and faculty of the George Washington University Refugee Educational Advancement Laboratory (REAL).

In addition, Dr. Streitwieser published a co-authored paper, “Classifications and Clarifications: Rethinking Education’s Shifting Role in International Student Mobility and the Voluntariness of (Im)migration” in the journal, Globalisation, Societies and Education.