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A few years ago, Dean Feuer decided our sense of community and service would be strengthened by bringing Admissions, Student Services and Career Services together in the Office of Student Life (OSL). Each one of us joined the OSL team with the goal of improving your experience at GSEHD. The school's signature statement is Transformation Begins Here, a bold declaration of what we know you are capable of achieving! My team and I want to do more than make your GSEHD experience productive and positive. We want to partner with you to enrich and accelerate your academic, personal and professional success.

So, please, drop by, email, or call us. Whether you need a form or a friendly ear, we are ready to help.

Robin Cleveland, Executive Director, OSL

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Meet the Team

Rachel Dorfman-Tandlich
Rachel Dorfman-Tandlich
Director of Student Services
(202) 994-7809
Doctoral Students in Candidacy
Anna Marie Siegel
Anna Marie Siegel
Doctoral Program Specialist
(202) 994-7630
Doctoral Students Pre-Candidacy
Andy McGeoch
Andy McGeoch
Senior Student Services Associate
(202) 994-5860
DEL (HEA, IEP, Museum Ed, EEJCA, Ed Policy)
Counseling Master's Students
Samantha Shyam
Samantha Shyam
Student Services Representative
(202) 994-9274
Special Education Master's & Certificate Students
Curriculum & Pedagogy Master's & Certificate Students