Lionel C. Howard

Lionel C. Howard
Associate Professor, Educational Research
(202) 994-4959

Dr. Howard investigates the intersection of race, ethnicity and gender, and its implication for identity development and educational attainment. He is particularly interested in the socialization of masculinity among African American boys as mediated by their relationships with significant individuals, as well as the micro- and macro-level structures and psychosocial experiences that influence African American and Latino students' development and educational experiences.

Dr. Howard's research is theoretically informed by developmental psychology, feminist relational psychology, gender role strain, conceptions of Black masculinity and theories of motivation and achievement. Even more important, his research is guided by the principle that socio-cultural and historical context are important in the study of phenomena. To this end, Dr. Howard uses both qualitative and quantitative research methodologies in his research.

Ed.D., Harvard University
Ed.M., Harvard University
M.A., University of Maryland, College Park
B.A., William Paterson University of New Jersey


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Howard, L. C., Rose, J. C., & Barbarin, O. A. (2013). Raising African American boys: An exploration of gender and racial socialization practices. Journal of Orthopsychiatry, 83(2), 218-230.

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In the News

Dr. Lionel Howard has been elected to serve on the "Ethnic and Racial Issues Committee" of the Society for Research on Child Development (SRCD). The committee is responsible for the development and oversight of activities pertaining to the participation of minority scholars in SRCD and for promoting developmental research on ethnic minority children and adolescents. His term will last from 2019-2023.

GSEHD is pleased to announce the following faculty promotions: Dr. Scott Beveridge to Associate Professor, Dr. Michael Corry to Professor, Dr. Laura Engel to Associate Professor, Dr. Ellen Goldman to Professor, and Dr. Lionel Howard to Associate Professor. Congratulations!

Dr. Lionel Howard has been invited by SAGE to create a video for their Research Methods Video Collection. The collection involves key academics speaking about academic and research skills. His video will focus on researcher vulnerability and is based on a paper, Researcher Vulnerability: Implications for Educational Research and Practice, submitted for presentation at the 2017 AERA meeting.

Dr. Lionel Howard was elected Member-at-Large for the Black Caucus of the Society for Research on Child Development (SRCD). The caucus includes professionals from a range of disciplines who are dedicated to the development and well-being of black children.

Dr. Shaista E. Khilji organized the International Conference on Global Gender Perspective in Lahore, Pakistan. This was part of the GW-LCWU academic partnership that she has been co-leading for the past 3 years. This 3-day conference was funded by the State Department and attended by 300 plus local and international participants from Europe, North America and Asia.