Vision and Mission

GSEHD Vision

Education is the greatest determinant of improved quality of life for individuals and society. GSEHD prepares leaders for the many professions that advance teaching, learning, and human development as essential ingredients in the recipe for expanded opportunity and social and economic progress.

GSEHD Mission, or the ABC's of GSEHD


  • Prepare professionals to advance and apply knowledge to improve policy and practice;
  • Reinforce our local, national, and global reputation for instruction and high-impact research by recruiting and investing in world-class faculty and students and placing graduates in positions of leadership;
  • Engage with evidence and promote research-informed deliberation among educators, industry leaders, families, and decision-makers; and
  • Make a positive difference in the lives of students, faculty, staff, and community.

We BELIEVE that:

  • The most important investment a society makes is in equitable educational opportunity for all people;
  • Demographic, geographic, and intellectual diversity and equitable inclusion are essential to preparing professionals who will positively shape society and civic life;
  • Rigorous inquiry in pursuit of truth is a prerequisite for an informed citizenry and democratic government;
  • Education and education research are public goods that necessitate collaboration and integration with health, social services, and the justice system; and
  • We must lead by example and adhere to the highest standards for ethical conduct.

We are COMMITTED to:

  • Conducting and applying comprehensive multidisciplinary research relevant to teaching, learning, and the social organization of education;
  • Engaging with educators, scholars, and decision makers locally and globally;
  • Implementing lessons from research to improve our instructional programs and the quality of our students’ experiences;
  • Innovation in the design, implementation, and evaluation of teaching, research, collaboration, and community engagement; and
  • Creating and sustaining a learning environment of respect, excellence, and integrity.