Special Education Teacher Recruitment Boosted By ACPS, GW Partnership

January 24, 2023

image of special education teacher assisting students with an art project; focus on one smiling student

Alexandria City Public Schools has announced a new partnership to help bring more special education teachers and instructional assistants into the classroom.

The partnership with the George Washington University’s Graduate School of Education and Human Development will allow graduate students to apply to the GW master’s program and employment with ACPS at the same time. In their first year of the graduate program, students will work as ACPS instructional assistants as a way to gain professional learning from ACPS and GW staff. Students will have the chance to advance to special education teacher roles during their second year of the program.

The program will begin accepting applicants with a goal of having the first student group in place by summer 2023. ACPS will provide $800 in annual funding to each student to help with tuition.

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