GSEHD Preview Day

To help you learn more about GW, GSEHD, and larger DC community, GSEHD invites you to join us for a virtual Preview Day.

Spring 2020 Virtual Preview Day

Video Webinars

Welcome to GSEHD

Presented by Rebecca Vander Schaaf (Director of Admissions)

Description: An overview of GSEHD's desire to help students grow academically and professionally.

Living and Learning in Washington, DC

Presented by: Ben Cook (Admissions Coordinator)

Description: As a GSEHD student, it is key to balance a new city with school, work, and life. Learn more about the resources available to you within GW and DC.

Funding your Graduate Education

Presented by: Rebecca Vander Schaaf (Director of Admissions)

Description: Learn more about opportunities available within GSEHD & GW to fund your graduate school journey.

Live Webinars

GSEHD Current Student Panel

Featured Students: Jess Hurtt (MA in Elementary Education), Mary Bonnell (EdD in Special Education), Angel Jones (PhD in Education), Nathan Finch (MA in International Education), and Evelyn Nash (MA in Organizational Leadership and Learning)

Description: Ask questions and learn about life as a Graduate Student at GSEHD!

Master Class I: Are you seeing what I am seeing?

Faculty Member: Dr. Shaista Khilji (Human and Organizational Learning)

Description: An introduction to the diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) theory, and practice, and addresses important questions such as: What is diversity? How is it different from inclusion and equity? What are some of the invisible and visible types of diversity? Why have many of these DEI efforts failed? What can we do to develop more inclusive organizations in today's fast changing, and complex environment?

Master Class II: Positionality, Subjectivity, and Social Location

Faculty Member: Dr. Lionel Howard (Educational Leadership)

Description: Explore the ways in which our identities, professional, and personal experiences, values, and belief systems affect our work as applied researchers, practitioners, and our engagement in policy activity.

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Schedule a Virtual Admissions Meeting

Have questions about our programs? Schedule a virtual meeting with a member of our admissions team. Check out the table below to determine your admissions team representative.

DepartmentsAdmissions Office ContactSchedule a Virtual Appointment
Doctoral ProgramsMonique Barner (Associate Director of Admissions, Doctoral Student Contact)Admitted & Prospective Students
Curriculum and Pedagogy, Special Education, Human and Organizational Learning, CounselingKimberly Suttle (Assistant Director of Admissions, Admitted Student Contact)

Austin Shock (Admissions Coordinator, Prospective Student Contact)
Admitted Students

Prospective Students
Educational Leadership, Curriculum and Instruction, Teaching English to Speakers of Other LanguagesHolli Selman (Assistant Director of Admissions, Admitted Student Contact

Ben Cook (Admissions Coordinator, Prospective Student Contact)
Admitted Students

Prospective Students