GSEHD Dissertation Defense Information

Summer 2023 Due Dates at a Glance


Timeline 1:

  • June 15: Last day to submit dissertation materials for a summer 2023 graduation

  • July 14: Last day to defend for a summer 2023 graduation

  • August 15, 5pm: ProQuest submission deadline

Timeline 2:

  • July 21: Last day to submit materials to defend during the summer semester

  • August 18: Last day to hold a defense during the spring semester

Timeline 3:

  • August 15: Last day to submit materials to defend in the fall semester while enrolled in CE

Materials Due for Dissertation Defense


Please note, these materials must be submitted in full at least 30 days before your dissertation defense. Partial submissions cannot be accepted.

Full Information: Summer 2023 Due Dates and Timelines


During the summer 2023 semester, students can choose between two formats to defend their dissertation:

  1. A virtual defense, which will be conducted via a scheduled WebEx meeting.
  2. An in person defense, which will be conducted on either the Foggy Bottom or VSTC campus. One committee member (not the chair) may participate virtually. If more than one person plans to participate virtually, the defense must be held virtually. This policy is stated in the Doctoral Handbook and applies for the summer 2023 semester; it may be altered in future semesters.

Our due dates are driven by the university’s ProQuest submission deadlines, the date by which the university requires you to submit the final, approved version of your dissertation in order to graduate. The date of your ProQuest submission determines your graduation semester, regardless of when you defend. As a result, we provide several different defense timelines. Timeline 1 allows you to graduate this semester, while timelines 2 and 3 allow you to submit your dissertation materials this semester and graduate next semester at no additional cost.

  1. To be a summer 2023 graduate:

Students must submit all materials no later than June 15. The last day to defend is July 14 . Your final document must be uploaded to ProQuest by August 15 at 5pm; this final deadline is set by the University provost. Please be aware that August 15 is a fixed deadline, so you will have less time to make your final edits if you choose a later defense date.

  1. To defend in summer 2023 and be a fall 2023 graduate:

Students who are unable to meet the summer graduation deadline but still wish to defend during the semester must submit all materials by July 21, making the final day to defend August 18. Any student submitting after June 15 will be a fall graduate and enroll in Continuous Enrollment (CE), a zero-credit, no-cost option, for the fall semester. Please note: international students living in the US are not eligible for CE; instead, they may take a reduced course load.

  1. To defend and graduate in fall 2023 while enrolled in CE:

August 15 will be the last day to submit materials for anyone who wishes to enroll in Continuous Enrollment (CE), a zero-credit, no-cost option, during the fall 2023 semester. Students who submit their materials by August 15 will schedule defenses in early fall and be fall graduates. Please note: international students living in the US are not eligible for CE; instead, they may take a reduced course load.

NB: Students who submit materials after August 15 can still defend and graduate in the fall 2023 semester, but will register and pay for normal dissertation research credits instead of enrolling in CE.

These pathways apply for the summer 2023 semester only. Please note that because these three options have been provided, there will be no need for exceptions or extensions. If you have any questions, please contact Dr. Dannels (