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Our K-12 webinar series tackles critical subjects relevant now in U.S. schools such as teacher burnout, teacher shortage, teacher retention, and the role of school counselors.

Understanding Adult Education

Tuesday, March 7, 2023  |  1-2:00 pm ET
If you have ever helped a colleague understand a new concept, led a training in an informal or formal setting, or helped another adult learn anything, you may be an adult educator. But do you consider yourself to be an adult educator? Join Dr. Sarah M. Ray, Assistant Professor of Human and Organizational Learning to learn about opportunities to apply adult learning theories, principles, and practices in various individual, professional, and community-based settings. 

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Past Webinars

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K-12 Teacher Webinar - The Evolving Role of School Counselors

November 30, 2022

Dr. DeRaedt, AP of School Counseling, explores how the next generation of counselors can help steady our schools amidst the counselor/teacher shortage.

K-12 Teacher Webinar - Understanding Teacher Retention in US Schools

November 15, 2022

In the second K-12 webinar series, Dr. Shirrell, AP in Edul Leadership and Admin, explores reasons for teacher retention challenges and the potential solutions.

K-12 Teacher Webinar - Understanding Teacher Burnout in US Schools

October 25, 2022

Understanding Teacher Burnout in US Schools is the first of a webinar series that examines the critical topic of teacher burnout from a variety of viewpoints.




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