"We Really Come from Something:” Reclaiming Space, Place, and a Bilingual/Bicultural Future in California’s Breadbasket

Education and Inequality Research Colloquium
Wed, 27 April, 2022 6:00pm - 7:30pm

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Dr. Adam Sawyer and Dr. Olivier Rosales presented their collaborative National Endowment of the Humanities funded project on bringing place-based humanities learning to life for K-12 teachers through a curated, guided, and first-hand experience within numerous historic and cultural landmarks of the San Joaquin Valley in California.

Connected to themes of multi-ethnic and multi-generational migration and rural agricultural labor, their project focuses on increasing the humanities knowledge and place-based pedagogical methods of K-12 educators--especially those serving rural communities--related to migration and rural agricultural labor. Their project seeks to illuminate the migratory and labor experiences of a multigenerational, multi-ethnic, and multi-racial ensemble of Rural Americans, as well as support teachers interested in integrating rural historical landmarks into their teaching and curriculum while considering the ties that bind rural Americans across time, space, and identity. Ultimately, their project seeks to help teachers expand their capacity to create a more perfect union and democratic society through substantive first-hand experiences within iconic rural landmarks and their relevance to K-12 teaching.

Dr. Adam Sawyer is an Assistant Professor of Teacher Education, Director of Liberal Studies Program, and Coordinator of Bilingual Authorization at California State University, Bakersfield.

Dr. Olivier A. Rosales is a professor of history at Bakersfield College in California.

Dr. Lionel Howard, Associate Professor of Educational Research at GSEHD, will moderate the discussion.

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Dr. Lionel Howard

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