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Counseling & Human Development

Prepares students to become skilled professional practitioners in an expansive range of counseling specialties, including school counseling, clinical mental health counseling, rehabilitation counseling, and career and workforce development.

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Curriculum & Pedagogy

Interdisciplinary and research-based programs prepare educators, specialists, and researchers to teach in elementary or secondary schools, develop expertise in STEM, reading and literacy education, and evaluate curriculum and instruction.

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Educational Leadership

Offering programs focused on education in schools, museums, higher education, government, and policy think tanks which integrate theory seamlessly with practice, developing students into leaders across the country and around the world.

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Human & Organizational Learning

Programs focus on the interrelationships among people, organizations, and learning, while utilizing systematic change processes, challenging assumptions through critical reflection, and fostering group and self-directed learning from a global perspective.

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Special Education & Disability Studies

Specialized programs equip students with the knowledge and expertise to meet a growing need for special education across the developmental spectrum, including early intervention for children with academic and social difficulties or emotional and behavioral disabilities, and the transition needs of adolescents and adults.

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Research Complex Issues
Better Lives for People with Disabilities

The Center for Rehabilitation Counseling Research and Education prepares professionals to work with people with disabilities to reach their employment goals and better integrate into society. The Center is led by Dr. Maureen McGuire-Kuletz.

Improving Struggling Schools

GSEHD researchers are helping Tennessee policymakers and educators design evidence-informed collaborations among the charter sector, local institutions, and stakeholders. This research is led by Dr. Joshua Glazer.

Interventions for Children with Autism

GSEHD faculty, students, and partners are working to improve communication outcomes of children with autism. GSEHD’s Dr. Jennifer Frey collaborates on this project.

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