GSEHD New Student Guide


Welcome to GSEHD! This guide contains helpful information to prepare you to join our learning community. The frequently asked questions below also contain information on course selection, books, tuition, funding, and billing.

| Getting Started |


Step One: Set up your GW Accounts

GW's Identity and Access Management (IAM) service helps to create, maintain, and secure your digital identity while at the University. Your identity is comprised of elements that identify you as a member of the GW community. With IAM, you are able to use your UserID to access the right resources at the right time, request access to resources as needed, and manage certain aspects of your digital identity in a self-service manner.

The GWeb Information System allows online access to GW student services, such as registering for classes, viewing student billing accounts, viewing grades and accepting financial aid. To access your account:

  1. Go to and click on GWeb Info System in the upper left corner.

  2. Click the Current Students box.

  3. Enter the GW UserID and password you previously created.

All official notifications (grades, bills, and important academic communication) will be sent to your GW email address, so please be sure to either check it regularly or have it forwarded to an account that you plan to check  regularly. (View instructions on how to forward your GW email account - you may need to log in with your GW UserID to view this content)

If you experience any technical difficulties, please contact the University Helpdesk at or 202-994-4948. View other important information about GW technology services >


Step Two: Submit Your Compliance Documentation (if required)

The George Washington University requires all in-person students to be in compliance with the Campus Public Health Measures as outlined on the GW Coronavirus site prior to being eligible to register for coursework. The document review process is a manual process and it may take up to one week for your record to be updated.


Step Three: Consult Your Official Program Plan

Shortly before you begin your classes, review DegreeMAP, an electronic reflection of your  program plan that tracks which courses you have completed as well as those still needed. DegreeMAP is accessed through GWeb → Student Records & Registration tab Student Records

 Information Menu link → DegreeMAP link.


Step Four: Register for Classes

Before registering for classes, please follow the registration sequence/guidance of your faculty advisor. Off-campus/distance students may also have a program support coordinator who can assist them with registration.

To register for classes online, navigate to GWeb and log in with your GW UserID and password. Detailed instructions on how to register can be found on the Office of the Registrar website. Once you have completed the registration process, please verify your course registration under “Student Detail Schedule” in the GWeb Registration Menu.


Step Five: Familiarize Yourself with GW Resources

·        The GSEHD Office of Student Services

·        GSEHD Student Handbooks – Review GSEHD Policies

·        GSEHD Career Services

·        Blackboard Guide

·        The GW Bulletin – University Policies

·        The Office of the Registrar

·        The GW Academic Calendar

·        Schedule of Classes

·        Gelman Library (available to all students, regardless of campus/distance status)

·        University Writing Center

·        Financial Aid

·        Disability Support Services

·        The Store – A Student-Run Food Pantry

·        Colonial Health Center

·        Office of Veteran & Military Services

·        Multicultural Student Services Center

·        Parking at GW



| Frequently Asked Questions |

What can I expect from the Office of Student Services?

The Office of Student Services oversees new student orientation programs, registration, comprehensive examinations, student appeals, dissertation defenses and degree clearance for graduation. We closely monitor student progress to ensure that students meet all academic standards and complete all degree requirements.

Each student has an assigned student services representative that is here to assist and guide you. We can guide you through the administrative aspects of your studies and help connect you with other university resources when necessary. We are also here to help you when you are feeling overwhelmed. Know that you have many options to help you succeed in your studies. Don’t ever hesitate to reach out to your student representative. We are here to help!

How do I get my student ID (GWorld) card?

The GWorld card is the official ID card at GW. All active members of the GW community are eligible to receive a card. Your card serves as your university identification. You can add Colonial cash to pay for printing and copying on campus and your card also allows you to access facilities on campus. To get your GWorld card, please visit the GWorld Card Office at the Foggy Bottom campus.

Where can I find information on tuition and fees?

The tuition schedule can be found on the Tuition Schedule of the Student Accounts page. Information on fees can be found on the "Fees & Charges" Student Accounts page.

How will I be billed?

The George Washington University does not issue paper statements. Students are notified by email (to your GW email account) when a new statement is available. Learn more on the eBill system >

Please note: Payment for the semester is due on the first day of the semester on the main campus, not the first day of your session or the first day of the semester for an off-campus course. Your billing statement will include the billing due date.

Who should I contact about….?

Academic issues and course selection

Please contact your faculty advisor, whose name and contact info can be found in DegreeMAP. Off-campus/distance students should also ask their faculty advisor if there is a program support coordinator who can assist them with academic issues.

Administrative issues

Please contact your Student Services Representative, whose name and contact info can be found on the website of the GSEHD Office of Student Services. The Office of Student Services is located at 2136 G St NW, Washington, DC 20052.

Funding options

An overview of available funding is provided by the Office of Admissions on their Funding Your Graduate Education page.

I received an Immunization Form in the mail. What is this?

All students under age 26, regardless of program of study, location of study, part-time or full-time status, degree or non-degree status, must comply with the immunization requirement as set forth by the Law of the District of Columbia. It is important that you comply as soon as possible so that your registration is not hindered. You can find more information about the immunization requirement on the website of GW Student Health Immunizations webpage.

What textbooks do I need? Where can I purchase them?

Please check with your program and/or course instructors about what textbooks or other course materials you will need. You are welcome to obtain your textbooks through whatever service is most convenient for you. All textbooks will also be available at the GW Bookstore, which is located at the Foggy Bottom Campus University Student Center, 800 21st St NW, Washington, DC 20052.

What should I do if I have a conditional admission based on official transcripts?

Official final transcripts are required from all colleges and universities where you earned a degree. An official final transcript is a transcript received directly from your previous institution that shows all grades received toward the earned degree. If you submitted an unofficial transcript for your application review and were admitted “conditionally”, you will need to submit official final transcripts by the end of the first semester of enrollment. Make sure to do so as soon as possible so that your registration is not hindered. For information on how to submit your official final transcripts, please consult the GSEHD Admissions FAQ webpage.