PhD Student, Kelber Tozini, Receives Award for Professional Promise

March 21, 2023

Kelber Tozini is presented with AIEA Award

GSEHD Ph.D. student and Adjunct Professor Kelber Tozini (Education and Inequality) has been honored by the Association of International Education Administrators with the Harold Josephson Student Award in International Education. The award recognizes deserving graduate students for outstanding contributions in the field of international education.

Mr. Tozini's research focuses on the experiences of international students, global equity and justice, and the myriad factors that affect their sense of support and meaningful integration into institutions of higher education. In addition to his research contributions, he is active with organizations such as the American Council on Education, AIEA, and the Forum for Education Abroad. He is also a leader in the Washington, D.C. area's Brazilian Student Association. The AIEA press release stated, "It is clear that Tozini has great promise in the field of international education."