Doc Candidate, Alexandria Laing, Publishes: Let’s Provide Teachers Sabbaticals

February 2, 2024

Alexandra Laing headshot (Photo courtesy of Alexandra Laing)

Doctoral candidate Alexandra Laing (Educational Leadership and Administration) published the article, "Let’s Provide Teachers Sabbaticals," on In the article, she reflects on leaving her former leadership position to focus on her mental health. During that time, she thought, "What if we as an education system could find a way to provide restoration broadly, to get to the root of the burnout symptoms felt by many passionate, innovative educators who are now close to quitting? Is there a way to elevate the profession and treat educators and educational leaders with the highest respect and honor for the critical roles they serve? I’ve come to believe there is a way: We should offer K–12 educators sabbaticals." 

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Ms. Laing is an ASCD (Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development) Champion in Education, a 2020 ASCD Emerging Leader, and an Albert Einstein Distinguished Educator Congressional Fellow Emerita.