New Course: Critical Race Theory

March 29, 2023

illustrated background of large group of diverse faces

The Graduate School of Education and Human Development (GSEHD) is offering a new course in Summer 2023 titled "Critical Race Theory." The course is being offered as part of GSEHD's PhD in Education: Education & Inequality Concentration and is open to all graduate students.

In this hybrid format course, students will explore Critical Race Theory as an analytical framework that provides race-based epistemological, methodological, and pedagogical approaches to the study of everyday inequalities in PreK through Post Doctoral education settings.

The course is taught by instructors Dr. Arshad Ali and Dr. Dwayne Kwaysee Wright and will be available during the first Summer Session (5/22-7/1). The class meets on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3:30-5:45 pm. In-person meetings will take place at 1776 G Street C-101.

Interested students can register for the course: CRN 52813/SEHD 8100.

For more information, contact