Graduates’ Fondest Memories of GW

Savannah Lambert, International Education

May 10, 2024

Savannah Lambert headshot

GW Today asked a number of the upcoming graduates to share their favorite GW memories. GSEHD student, Savannah Lambert (Master's, International Education), shared about her experience:

"Without a doubt, the most impactful learning experience I had while at GW was the conversations I had with professors about the project I was working on as part of my practicum experience. I believe strongly in the value of learning by doing, and in the second semester of my program, I had the chance to complete and receive credit for a full-time, five-month practicum with an organization in international education. I worked to develop intercultural learning materials for exchange students, and researched how we can better prepare students of diverse backgrounds to feel equipped and empowered during their time abroad. My advising professor and other faculty members were all so giving of their time to meet with me individually and talk through my ideas and challenges. Their input was instrumental in guiding my ideas, asking formative questions and encouraging me to pursue what I was passionate about, and my training materials were implemented for students the following summer. I'm so grateful I was able to combine practical experience with my classroom learning."

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