Dr. Engel Takes Part in Panel, "Educating for Global Citizenship in the Digital Age"

April 1, 2024

Dr. Laura Engel took part in a panel discussion at the UNESCO's Education Sector international webinar, "Educating for Global Citizenship in the Digital Age," on March 19. The webinar was part of UNESCO's International Day for Digital Learning.

Per the event description: 

The digital revolution has brought improvements and setbacks in equal proportion. On the one hand, it has increased the flow of diverse information and expanded spaces for different expressions of knowing and being. On the other hand, it has exacerbated and accelerated the spread of misinformation, disinformation and hate speech. Digital technologies have expanded social, economic and political mobilities but also entrenched inequities, inequalities and injustices. They have allowed learners of all ages and backgrounds to access educational content from every corner of the globe, but also heightened differences relating to access and quality of the educational experience.

To this end, equipping teachers and other educators with new pedagogical tools to advance equitable, accessible and quality digital learning for global citizenship is more urgent than ever. The new publication, Global citizenship education in a digital age: teacher guidelines, is a response to this urgent call to strengthen the capacities of teachers and other educators to prepare learners to act ethically and responsibly in present and future physical and digital environments.