A GWU-ASPU Success Story: From Pizza Parties to Global Impact

GSEHD/ASPU alumni Elnur Akhundov and Nigar Altayzade founded Lighthouse Consulting & Training

February 7, 2024

headshots of Elnur Akhundov and Nigar Altayzade

The founders of the new firm Lighthouse Consulting & TrainingElnur Akhundov (Managing Partner) and Nigar Altayzade (Product Owner,Lighthouse Academy, Hybrid), met while pursuing their studies in the GW Master of Arts program in Education and Human Development at the Azerbaijan State Pedagogical University (ASPU). Their firm's mission is to create value through innovative learning and organizational development, not only in Azerbaijan but on a global scale. 

Finding a Community in Hybrid Education: In the dynamic landscape of education, Elnur and Nigar discovered a transformative community at the crossroads of the GWU-ASPU program. Elnur, a member of the inaugural cohort, and Nigar, joining a year later, embarked on a two-year hybrid learning experience that blended online and offline modalities. Little did they know that a casual pizza party organized by the program management would be the spark for a collaborative mission. The unique hybrid nature of the program, coupled with the challenges posed by the pandemic, served as a catalyst for Elnur and Nigar to envision education beyond traditional boundaries to explore ways to make education accessible in Azerbaijan and the global world. This inspiration led to the founding of Lighthouse Consulting & Training—an innovative learning and organizational development firm with a vision to become a strategic learning partner globally. Their initiative was implemented within the framework of “The State Program for enhancing international competitiveness of the higher education system in the Republic of Azerbaijan for 2019-2023.”

Lighthouse Consulting & Training: Illuminating Paths in Learning & Development: As Managing Partner of Lighthouse Consulting & Training, Elnur Akhundov envisions the company as a lighthouse, lighting the way for organizations and individuals. The firm's offerings stand out in four domains: Learning Technology, Learning Design & Development, Managed Learning Services and Lighthouse Academy. The company's flagship product, Lighthouse LMS, is a cutting-edge learning management system tailored for businesses, government entities, non-profits, and more, so that they can optimize their cost and improve learning effectiveness. The Learning Design & Development arm, Lighthouse Creative Studio, provides premium custom e-learning design and development services, such as video training, motion animation, eLearning, eLearning games etc. In the realm of Managed Learning Services, Lighthouse offers comprehensive outsourcing solutions, supporting organizations in all facets of learning and development. At the heart of Lighthouse Consulting & Training is Lighthouse Academy, an educational center that provides hybrid and fully online learning programs. The Academy offers bootcamps, micromasters, and executive programs, reflecting a commitment to diverse and flexible learning methods.  

Elnur and Nigar's journey is a testament to the transformative power of education. As Lighthouse Consulting & Training charts new horizons, the firm aims to be a global leader in innovative learning and organizational development, guided by the principles instilled during their GWU-ASPU experience.