Alumnus Ken Turino Receives New England Museum Association (NEMA) Excellence Award

January 11, 2024

GSEHD alumnus Ken Turino (master's, Museum Education) was recently honored with a New England Museum Association (NEMA) Excellence Award. The award cited his work as Manager of Community Partnerships and Resource Development at Historic New England. Per the announcement, his years of dedication to history, community and culture have shaped the community of museums in New England and continue to shape the newer generations of museum professionals. His nominator wrote, “He's set a bar for the rest of us to be more open, collaborative and always excited about the work there is to do with New England History ... New England museums are a better, friendlier, more sharing, collaborative, open community thanks to Ken Turino. While I could expound on his professionalism and expertise as a writer, historian, editor, curator and teacher, I think his work in building and keeping our community is a truly unique and wonderful contribution and I am grateful for him.”

The award announcement also recognized his service on the boards of the House of Seven Gables Settlement Association and the American Association for State and Local History, his teaching position in the Tufts University Museum Studies program, and his consultation on interpretation and community engagement at historic house museums and LGBTQ+ projects.