2024 GSEHD Student Awards + Fellowships

June 11, 2024

Student Awards Presented at 2024 GSEHD Commencement Ceremony


  • Chi Sigma Iota Outstanding Counseling Student Award is presented to a Chi Sigma Iota graduate student who has displayed excellence in academics, the field of counseling, and has shown leadership in both the classroom and experiential settings.
    • Recipient: Barbara Dos Santos
  • Chris Erickson Mental Health Service Advocacy Award was named in honor of Dr. Chris Erickson, a late faculty member who was deeply committed to the provision of quality care to all people with severe mental illnessess. This recognition is awarded to a graduate of the counseling program who shares her passion for working with these special clients.
    • Recipient: James Robert Bachmann
  • Clemmont E. Vontress Cross-Cultural Award recognizes a graduating counseling student who is best known for dedication to the promotion of cross-cultural understanding, social justice, and racial harmony.
    • Recipient:  Dillon Smith
  • Donald C. Linkowski Award for Outstanding Scholarship in Rehabilitation Counseling is presented to a rehabilitation counseling graduate who demonstrates a commitment to advancing the field through leadership, consumer advocacy, and promoting consumer welfare through vocational rehabilitation services.
    • Recipient: Uma Kumar
  • Harry Grubb Detwiler Memorial Award recognizes the student who is best known for outstanding achievement, professionalism, and dedication in the field of counseling.
    • Recipient: Leslie Keller


  • Elementary Education Program Award recognizes outstanding development as a graduate student in the field of elementary education.
    • Recipients: Sydney Alia Forman; Virginia M. Mead
  • The John Horrworth Children's Book Award 
    • Recipients: Jordyn Hammer (1st Place), India McNeill (2nd Place), Megan Brooks (3rd Place),  Jamie Reed (Honorable Mention)


  • Doris and Sam Buchalter Museum Education Prize recognizes a graduating student who exemplifies a love of learning and teaching.  
    • Recipient: Lea Winston
  • Dorothy A. Moore Award in International Education recognizes outstanding leadership in the field of international education.
    • Recipients: Micha Priscille Aime, Emily N. Zanieski
  • Henry Willett Scholarship Award  recognizes academic achievement and leadership abilities. To receive this award, students must demonstrate a positive attitude in their leadership goals and maintain a record of academic excellence throughout their program.
    • Recipients: Alexandra Laing, Shaun D. Shepard
  • Jere Trout Award in Educational Technology Leadership recognizes outstanding work in the field of educational technology leadership.  
    • Recipient: Marilu Pardo Rodriguez
  • Marcella Brenner Museum Education Award recognizes merit, encompassing academic performance and leadership/service while in the museum education program, as well as potential for contributing to the field of museum education.
    • Recipient: Domenica Guaman
  • Ochoa Nakyuin Shin International Education Award recognizes outstanding academic and professional contributions to the field of international education.
    • Recipients: Zineb Haimoud, Imesha Nilakshinie Ediriweera Patabendige
  • Rossetta A. and Sadie B. Feldman Museum Education Award recognizes merit, encompassing cultural advocacy and academic performance while in the Museum Education Program, as well as promise for contributing to the field of museum education through leadership.
    • Recipients: Dana Golan Miller, Domenica Guaman Ochoa
  • Research Engagement Award recognizes extraordinary student commitment to research, innovation, and scholarly output of the Refugee Educational Advancement Laboratory and the Global Education Laboratory.
    • Recipients: Olufikayo A. Akintola, Jessie L. Wetherby 


  • Leonard Nadler Leadership Award recognizes students in the organizational leadership and learning master’s program who have demonstrated academic excellence and leadership and have also contributed to the collaborative learning process both within and outside the classroom.
    • Recipients: Emily Booker, Maryell Hernandez


  • Bertice Cornish Award in Early Childhood Special Education recognizes outstanding performance in the early childhood special education master’s degree program.
    • Recipient: Camilla Eigen-Zucchi
  • The Culturally Responsive Special Education Award recognizes an outstanding student in the field of culturally and linguistically diverse special education.
    • Recipient: Eirini Gouletta
  • Perry Botwin Award in Special Education recognizes outstanding development as a graduate student in the field of special education.
    • Recipient: Marissa Oakley
  • Rita Ives Award recognizes outstanding performance as a professional in the field of emotional and behavioral disabilities.
    • Recipient: Gina James 



GSEHD Senior Fellows:

GW Presidential Fellow:

CASJE Applied Research Fellows:


Dissertation Awards

  • Dr. Neenia Barlatt-Higgins (EdD, Human and Organizational Learning), Senior Manager at Accenture, received the 2023 Outstanding Dissertation Award from University Council for Workforce and Human Resource Education (UCWHRE) for her paper, "Trailblazers in Hospitality: Career Advancement Experiences of Women of Color Executives."
  • Dr. Ricco B. Hall (EdD, Human and Organizational Learning) was selected as First Runner-Up from a highly competitive pool of dissertations as the Malcolm S. Knowles Dissertation of the Year Award for his dissertation, “Amongst but not Connected: Social Networking Experiences of First-Generation Professional (FGP) Black Males in the Federal Government."
  • Dr. Jisun Jeong (PhD in Education, Education and Inequality concentration) won the Comparative and International Education Society (CIES) Globalization & Education SIG 2024 Best Dissertation Honorable Mention Award for her dissertation, "Transnational Policy-Making on Social and Emotional Learning in Crisis-Affected Contexts: The Case in Lebanon."