Dr. Ryan Watkins

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Dr. Ryan Watkins

Professor, Educational Leadership

School: Graduate School of Education and Human Development


Office Phone: (202) 994-2263

Ryan Watkins is an author of eleven books and more than 95 articles. His websites include www.ryanrwatkins.com, www.needsassessment.org, and www.WeShareScience.com. His publications are frequently cited in the performance improvement literature, making him the 4th most cited author of journal articles in the field.

Ryan is an active member of the International Society for Performance Improvement (ISPI), the American Evaluation Association (AEA), and has served a vice president of the Inter-American Distance Education Consortium (CREAD).

In 2005 Ryan was a visiting scientist with the National Science Foundation, and he routinely works on projects with the World Bank on applying needs assessment, instructional design, and performance improvement to international assistance programs (including work in China, Laos, Kenya, and Tunisia).

Ph.D., Florida State University

M.A., Florida State University

B.A., Florida State University

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