Career Services

Distinct from peer institutions, GSEHD Career is dedicated exclusively to our students and alumni. Focused on the unique professional opportunities and requirements in the field of education and human development, career planning and support is available from the day you begin your studies to long after you have completed your degree. Appointments are open to all current students and alumni to discuss everything from career exploration to the job search to resume writing.


Scheduling Appointments

To schedule an appointment, log into Handshake using GW’s single-sign-on, go to the Appointments tab, and select "Schedule a New Appointment" to access "GSEHD-Graduate Student and Alumni Appointments". Appointments can range from 30-60 minutes. When signing up for an appointment, be sure to identify what type of appointment: virtual (via WebEx), in person, or by phone. In person appointments are located at 2136 G Street NW. Students and alumni are responsible for remembering their appointment. To reschedule or select another appointment time that is not available in Handshake, please email to schedule/reschedule an appointment. Alumni who need to request Handshake access can do so. Once your appointment is approved, you will receive an email confirmation from your Career Counselor.

Note: New students are not given access to Handshake by the University until a few weeks before their first semester as an enrolled student begins. Any questions regarding access to Handshake can be directed to or

If you have any questions, contact Tyana Anglin, GSEHD's Senior Career Counselor, at

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