GSEHD Alumnus Anthony Knight Highlighted by

March 5, 2020

GSEHD alumnus Anthony Knight (master's, Museum Education), founder, president and CEO of the Baton Foundation, was highlighted in the article, "Atlanta Organization Emphasizes Cultural, Historical Knowledge For Black Adolescent Boys" in

The article highlights: 

A small nonprofit in Atlanta fills what its founder considers a critical gap for black adolescent boys — a chance to explore their history and culture.

Not only does the organization engage boys, but it also draws their parents and other adults to events exploring black history and culture.

Twice a month on a Saturday morning a small group of boys ages 10 to 17 meets with Anthony Knight, founder, president and CEO of the Baton Foundation. On a given Saturday they might discuss how to manage money, handle an encounter with the police or what a slice of history might have felt like to people who lived through it. 

“We spend four seminars going over different ways to understand who we are as human beings,” Knight said. The first four classes cover emotional and self-awareness.

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