Cover Letter


A great cover letter addresses these very important questions: who are you, who is the employer and their core values, and how you will fit into/succeed at their organization.

Your cover letters must do more than introduce you to a potential employer. You must make a strong, memorable impression. A successful cover letter is compelling, persuasive, and illuminates your unique personality and accomplishments. Something about your letter must distinguish you from all the other candidates. Think of this as your one and only opportunity to motivate an employer to call you for an interview. In the brief time it took for you to read this paragraph, an employer has scanned your letter AND resume and made a decision. Are you gone in 60 seconds, or will your letter earn an interview? By the end of a cover letter an employ should have a clear picture of you working for them--that's your goal in writing a cover letter.


    5 steps to creating a compelling cover letter:

  • Define your Brand: Inspire Interest: Combine the who, how and what into your personal mission statement, your brand. Your brand should skillfully reflect your unique abilities, interests and values. Match the job requirements and mission statement of the company with the elements of your brand.
  • Recognize Requirements: Read the job description thoroughly.
  • Form and Formality: First Impressions are key. Employers, like people, appreciate the effort of a personal touch. While it can be challenging, make an effort to identify, by name, the head of recruiting or the office where you would like to work.
  • Write Your Draft: Having defined your key assets and matched them to the employer’s needs, the next step is to draft your letter.
  • Finish in Style: You now have a clear idea of what makes a good letter great. Read it a few times, then put it away for the night, and read it again - OUT LOUD - in the morning.

For more information on each step, check out our Cover Letter Guide