Dr. Luis Javier Pentón Herrera

Dr. Luis Penton Herrera headshot

Dr. Luis Javier Pentón Herrera

Coordinator, Graduate TESOL Certificate

School: Graduate School of Education and Human Development

Department: Curriculum and Pedagogy


Luis Javier Pentón Herrera, Ph.D. served as the 38th President of Maryland TESOL from 2018 to 2019. He currently serves as Coordinator of the Graduate TESOL Certificate at The George Washington University. In addition, he serves as the Social Responsibility Interest Section (SRIS) Past Co-Chair (2022-2023) at TESOL International Association. Two of his professional accolades include the ‘30 Up and Coming Emerging Leaders in TESOL', awarded by TESOL International Association in 2016, and the J. Estill Alexander Future Leader in Literacy Award, awarded by the Association of Literacy Educators and Researchers (ALER) in 2018 when his dissertation was chosen as ALER’s 2018 Outstanding Dissertation of the Year.

Dr. Pentón Herrera’s current research projects include: exploring the language and literacy experiences of adolescent and adult Indigenous students from Latin America; exploring adolescent and adult students with limited or interrupted formal education (SLIFE); social-emotional learning (SEL), emotions, well-being, and identity in language and literacy education; and autoethnography and storytelling. His books can be found in Routledge, Springer, Brill/Sense, TESOL Press, and Rowman & Littlefield. Originally from La Habana, Cuba, Dr. Pentón Herrera enjoys creative writing, playing with his doggies Virgo and Maui, and running in his free time. To learn more about Dr. Pentón Herrera, please visit his website.

Ph.D., Concordia University Chicago
M.Ed., American College of Education
M.S., NOVA Southeastern University
M.Ed., Strayer University
B.S., University of Maryland

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