Master's in School Counseling


Transforming the lives of K-12 students, our school counseling graduates are trained to assess the psycho-social, academic and career needs consistent with ASCA best practices. Sought after by the best school districts in the country, a GSEHD school counselor will graduate ready to work with individuals and lead groups to improve self confidence, awareness, esteem, academic success, social skills and career options. A year long placement in elementary, middle or high schools prepares you to define and deliver a classroom or counseling experience that makes the difference in your students' lives.

This program is CACREP-accredited and provides professional preparation for individuals to become certified as counselors in public and private schools. Students will gain the requisite knowledge and skills to provide professional counseling, assessment, consultation, and guidance services in a school setting. We will encourage you to engage in reflective practice, innovative inquiry and responsible social action changing lives and your future forever.

Work with Lifestarts at Woodson High School is a great example of the practical training our students receive as part of their program.  In this particular experience, school counselor trainees helped raise youth math and reading scores:

Additional information about the program can be found in the program's handbook.  

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Why a GW Master's in School Counseling?

  • Theory to Practice: The GSEHD program is tailored to meet the demands of your busy schedule. Offering a CACREP accredited foundation, our students are prepared to lead classrooms, groups and individual counseling sessions successfully addressing the critical concerns affecting the psycho-social, academic and career well being of K-12 students. Rigorous course work explores effective school based theory, research, interventions and strategies is strengthened by practical lab experience in the Community Counseling Center working with children, teens and adults from the region and a year of immersion training in local K-12 public, private and charter schools.
  • ASCA Focused, Nationally Accredited: Building on the American School Counselor Association standards of excellence, GSEHD trained professional school counselors work with K-12 students in collaboration with their families, teachers, and school administrators to build student identity, self esteem, coping skills and to help manage stress, loss, and grief. The GSEHD program is designed for those seeking to enrich their ethical leadership, practice and impact in the K-12 school setting.

The following requirements must be fulfilled: 48 credits, including 42 credits in required courses and 6 credits in elective courses:

Core Courses

EDUC 6114 Introduction to Quantitative Research
or EDUC 6116 Introduction to Educational Statistics
CNSL 6151 Professional and Ethical Orientation to Counseling
CNSL 6153 Counseling Interview Skills
CNSL 6154 Theories and Techniques of Counseling
CNSL 6155 Career Counseling
CNSL 6157 Individual Assessment in Counseling
CNSL 6159 Psychosocial Adaptation
CNSL 6161 Group Counseling
CNSL 6163 Social/Cultural Dimensions-Cns
CNSL 6185 Practicum/Internship in Counseling
CNSL 6186 Advanced Internship in Counseling
CNSL 6466 Foundations of School Counseling K–12
HDEV 6108 Life Span Human Development
HDEV 6109 Child Development
or HDEV 6110 Adolescent Development

Electives: 6 credits of electives selected in consultation with the program advisor.

Counseling students are required to complete 600 hours as part of their internships (300 hours per course) and 100 hours as part of their practicum.

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Associate Professor

Career Opportunities

“The School Counseling program offered me superb classroom instruction strengthened by practical training. I interned in DC Public Schools, improved my counseling skills in GSEHD’s Community Counseling Center and landed a great position working as a high school counselor for low-income, first-generation, college bound students.” ~ DAN MINOT, School Counseling, M.A. '15, Counselor, KIPP DC

Our graduates are supporting students and leading school counseling teams across the nation in public, private and charter K-12 settings. They reach beyond traditional K-12 schools and serve as career counselors in post secondary settings, behavior specialists in private centers, and directors for training school counselors. With the addition of post-masters certification, our graduates are eligible for licensing for private practice.