Bernhard Streitwieser

Bernhard Streitwieser
Assistant Professor
International Education
(202) 994-4672
Bernhard Streitwieser's research looks broadly at the impact of globalization on the internationalization of higher education comparatively and focuses in particular on 1) study abroad and international student exchange, 2) fostering the identity of ‘scholar-practitioners’ in international education, and 3) challenges of access, equity and inclusion for internationally mobile students. Dr. Streitwieser earned his PhD in International and Comparative Education from Columbia University, Teachers College, his MS in Applied Linguistics from Georgetown University, and his BA in International Relations and Minor in Spanish from the University of Virginia. From 2010-2013 he was a visiting professor at Berlin's Humboldt Universität, where he also served as acting co-chair for the Department of Comparative Education in 2012-2013 and lectured on the internationalization of higher education, student identity development, and global mobility. In Berlin Dr. Streitwieser conducted a study funded by grants from the Fulbright Commission and the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) on the Erasmus Mobility Programme and student identity development. While in Berlin he also remained an International Research Fellow of Northwestern University's Searle Center for Advancing Learning and Teaching, where he was an Associate Director, Senior Researcher, and Lecturer from 2002-2010 and also Associate Director of the Study Abroad Office from 2006-2008. Prior to serving at Northwestern Dr. Streitwieser was a guest researcher at the Max-Planck-Institut für-Bildungsforschung in Berlin and was also a Research Analyst at American Institutes for Research in Washington, DC.  In 2014 Dr. Streitwieser published an edited volume on Internationalisation of Higher Education and Global Mobility for the Oxford Studies in Comparative Education series. Dr. Streitwieser's publications have also appeared in books by Routledge Press, Teachers College Press, Sense Publishers, Symposium Books and the Schneider Verlag and in journals including the International Journal of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education; Research in International and Comparative Education; Change: The Magazine of Higher Learning; European Education: Issues and Studies; Educational Research & Evaluation; the American Journal of Evaluation; and the Journal of Innovative Higher Education. Along with other projects, Dr. Streitwieser has just completed a new co-edited book for Symposium, International Higher Education’s Scholar-Practitioners: Bridging the Gap Between Research and Practice (March 2016). In April he won a small research grant from the International Education Research Foundation for his study on “German Higher Education and Credentialing Newly Arrived Immigrants,” focusing on Syrian and other newly arrived refugees integrating into German higher education. The research will be part of the group study tour he is leading for GW students from June 25-July 5 to Berlin and Bonn on “Internationalization of European Higher Education: Case Study Germany.”
Ph.D., Columbia University, Teachers College
M.A., Georgetown University
B.A., University of Virginia

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  • Winner, Best Book of the Year, from the Comparative and International Education Society Higher Education Special Interest Group.
  • “Top 10 absolute must-reads for international higher education professionals” by the European Association for International Education.

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