At a Glance

Credit Hours 45
Main Campus
Foggy Bottom, Washington, D.C.
Entry Semester(s)
Fall, Spring, Summer
Admission Deadline(s)
FALLApril 1 
 January 15Priority*
SPRINGOctober 1 
SUMMERMarch 1 
Program Coordinator(s)
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Bilingual Special Education

Master of Arts in Education and Human Development

The Bilingual Special Education Master’s Program, which is NCATE accredited and leads to K-12 certification, equips current educators with the knowledge and skills to effectively understand and address the cultural, language, social, and learning needs of a variety of students whose diversity impacts their school success. This program is designed to train educators who are currently working in schools to address the needs facing the growing population of culturally and linguistically diverse students, including those with special education needs. The students in the program will be prepared to become professionals and leaders in education and related fields who are able to address a full continuum of needs of culturally and linguistically diverse exceptional students. This program provides advanced training options for current educators in related fields to increase their credentials and professional development.