Teaching Strategies & Classroom Management for Jewish Educators

Students completing the Online Certificate in Teaching Strategies & Classroom Management for Jewish Educators will:

Examine, reflect, and demonstrate an understanding of the essential questions and approaches for pedagogy in Jewish education, including:

  • a conceptual basis in formal education - both within and beyond their specific content expertise - and be able to integrate hands-on learning components within formal classroom instruction.
  • The capacity to analyze, explore, explain and interpret Jewish texts in a variety of disciplines and apply critical thinking in the selection of material when creating curricula.
  • Have the ability to be reflective on their knowledge and understandings and apply a deeper level of analysis and critique by:

    • Examining and reflecting on the interconnections between effective instruction and positive classroom management.
    • Engaging in reflective writings in response to course readings and experiences.
    • Leading and participating in giving feedback and critiques to discussion-board prompts.
    • Will be knowledgeable and effective leaders in their profession by:

      • Engaging in individual inquiry into questions that explore issues related to teachers and teaching.
      • Planning, implementing, and evaluating learning activities that apply research-based practices.
      • Linking instructional and management strategies to specific content and thinking goals.
      • After completion of the certificate, Jewish educators who pursue the work will possess the pedagogical skills needed to teach content specific to a Jewish studies curriculum.

Associate Professor
(202) 994-8372

CPED 6131: Teaching Jewish History to Middle and High School Students
CPED 6132: Strategies for Teaching Biblical Texts
CPED 6133: Rabbinic Judaism and the Teaching of Rabbinic Texts
CPED 6507: Instructional Models and Classroom Management

In addition, students must successfully complete a portfolio consisting of representative works from each of the four required courses.


Program Entry: Fall
Prerequisites: Bachelors Degree
Campus: Online

Application Requirements

  • Online Application
  • Resume
  • Statement of Purpose
  • 2 Letters of Recommendation
  • Transcripts (unofficial)
  • Application Fee

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