BA in English/Master's in Secondary Education

The M.Ed. in Secondary Education has three learning goals. Students will learn effective teaching practices rooted in: community engagement, content expertise, and teacher leadership. The multi-level dual program enables undergraduate students to pursue a seamless pathway to a career in teaching that integrates English coursework with education coursework and field experiences. The successful completion of the M.Ed. program leads to teacher licensure in DCPS for secondary school social studies teaching. Through undergraduate coursework and learning experiences within the English major and graduate education coursework and community and school-based teaching experiences in the M.Ed. program in secondary education, graduates of the 4+1 program in English and Secondary Education (English) will have a strong foundation of English knowledge and thinking skills, an understanding of education theory and practice, and the necessary classroom experiences to thrive as beginning social studies teachers.


The M.Ed. requires completion of 6 credits of American literature, 6 credits of British literature, 3 credits of World/Non-Western/Minority literature (as well as 21 credits of courses in other areas of language/communication study) at the undergraduate level as well as 30 graduate credit hours, which include internships, field experiences, the completion of a comprehensive exam portfolio and state licensure exams. CPED 6340 Teacher Leadership in Education CPED 6507 Instructional Models and Classroom Management CPED 6532 Professional Internship in Middle School Education (taken twice) or CPED 6534 Professional Internship in Secondary Education (taken twice) or CPED 6532 and CPED 6534 (each taken once) CPED 6606 Theories of Learning and Development (taken as BA Elective) CPED 6608 Development and Diversity (taken as BA Elective) CPED 6339 Teachers as Researchers CPED 6546 Teaching English in Secondary Schools CPED 6691 Interdisciplinary Adolescent Literacies Master of Education Teaching Portfolio required

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Admission requirements to the dual program include:

  • minimum GPA of 3.0
  • transcript demonstrating satisfactory progress in English coursework
  • Content Area Preparation Form, demonstrating completion of requirements by end of fourth year
  • two academic/professional recommendations
  • a statement of purpose
  • current resume
  • completion of the GSEHD application form

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