GSEHD Fall Preview Day 2023



Saturday, October 21  |  9 am - 1:30 pm  |  University Student Center


At this event, you'll meet and connect with students, faculty, and staff that you will be working with during your time at GW. You will have the chance to:

  • Ask questions about financial aid and scholarships
  • Try a masterclass with GW professors
  • Meet with program representatives and current students
  • Get tips on how to launch your career
  • Take a tour of our beautiful campus located in the heart of the district

If you have any questions about this event, please contact our admissions office at




Schedule of Events

(A detailed schedule will be provided to you on the day of the event.)

9:00 am Check-in
9:30 am Tour of Foggy Bottom Campus
10:15 am

Opening Session:
-Welcome from Dr. Michael Feuer, Dean of GSEHD
-Welcome on behalf of the faculty by Dr. Lionel Howard, Academic Dean
-Launch Your Career with Laura DeLuca, Director of Student Services
-Financial Aid Overview with Rebecca Vander Schaaf, Director of Admissions

11:00 am Masterclasses with GSEHD Professors
12:00 pm Department Breakout Sessions with Faculty
12:30 pm Lunch and Fair
1:00 pm Tour 2 of Foggy Bottom Campus



Masterclass Options


photo taken from behind instructor speaking to group of adult students, laptop open with ChatGPT on the screen (Image by standret on Freepik -

AI and Education: Unleashing the Potential of ChatGPT and Beyond

Dr. Ryan WatkinsProfessor and Director, Educational Technology Leadership Program

Are you intrigued by the convergence of technology and education? Enthusiastic about the potential of AI to revolutionize learning, but also considering its challenges? Join us in uncovering the dynamic landscape where AI, driven by innovations like ChatGPT, is reshaping education and training. Delve into the augmentation of teaching strategies, the creation of interactive content, and the intricate balance between ethical/unethical use by students. Explore the boundless potential of AI in education, and learn how you can contribute to this remarkable transformation.

photo taken from side angle of teacher reading to pre-school aged girls

Increasing Access in Special Education Using the 6 Rs

Dr. Doran GreshamAssistant Professor, Special Education and Disability Studies

When we teach to the middle, we tend to miss students who exist temporarily at the edges of the academic milieu. This leaves some learners bored and others overly burdened. During this highly engaging and insightful workshop, educators will discuss and practice practical ways to increase access for all students using the 6 Rs: Rigor, Relevance, Relationships, Restoration, Responsiveness, Reflection.




Department Breakout Sessions with Faculty

Join department faculty for an overview of programs, research, and career outcomes. This is a good opportunity to learn more about program options and how to decide which will best fit your personal and professional goals.


PhD in Education Our unique programs create opportunities for cross-disciplinary research, collaboration, and hands-on experiences—alongside leading experts—exploring solutions to a range of complex challenges facing our education system today. Learn more about our unique research concentrations: Comparative and International Education, Curriculum and Instruction, Education Policy, Human and Organizational Learning, and Human-Technology Collaboration.
Department of Counseling and Human Development GSEHD will prepare you to provide critical counseling care and to become a practitioner, researcher, scholar, and leader in the profession. Whether your goal is to work with youth, in a clinical setting, or in career development, our variety of programs that offer hands-on experience in clinical settings and a research-oriented curriculum will prepare you to offer hope and empowerment to a diverse community throughout various life transitions.
Department of Educational Leadership

Gain the foundational skills to tackle some of the most complex challenges facing our education system today at GSEHD. Our wide array of programs prepares educators, administrators, researchers, and policymakers to become leaders in their respective fields. Integrate theory with practice and learn how to meet the ever-evolving academic, technological, and developmental needs of students of all ages, all while transforming education across innovative learning environments.

Department of Special Education and Disability Studies GSEHD prepares scholar-leaders to work within clinical settings, schools, and communities to meet the diverse needs of those with disabilities. Our variety of specialized programs span all developmental stages, from birth through young adult, and promote inclusion and equity for all learners though an individualized teaching and learning approach. Develop skills to infuse social justice ethics, culturally responsive practices, strength-based strategies and disability rights lenses into your classroom or clinical setting.
Department of Human and Organizational Learning Human and Organizational Learning focuses on the interrelationships among people, organizations, and learning, while utilizing systematic change processes. GSEHD offers programs that teach learners to challenge assumptions through critical reflection and foster group and self-directed learning. Theory, research, and practice are balanced throughout the curriculum. Students are encouraged to form learning communities to provide collective support, promote action learning, and model a learning culture.
Department of Curriculum and Pedagogy As technology and educational objectives evolve to better serve student needs, our goal at GSEHD is to prepare our students as educators, administrators, and researchers to improve teaching and learning practices within the classroom and to become leaders in their fields. Whether you wish to teach elementary or secondary education in the U.S. and internationally, develop expertise in reading and literacy, or prepare for National Board Certification, we have nationally-recognized and nationally-accredited certificate and masters programs for you.





Table Participants

Representatives from our academic programs and key student support offices will be available to provide additional information and answer any questions you have.


Table 1: PhD in Education Working alongside renowned faculty, students confront the most complex issues in the field of education–including evolving technology, inequality, leadership, policy, and more–to make an impact on society.
Table 2: Department of Counseling and Human Development Advance your career in counseling by preparing to earn required licensures through our master's specializations, PhD in Counseling, or graduate certificates.
Table 3: Department of Educational Leadership

Our wide array of programs prepares educators, administrators, researchers, and policymakers to become leaders in their respective fields.

Table 4: Department of Special Education and Disability Studies GSEHD prepares you for licensure in supporting children with learning, emotional, or behavioral challenges through various stages of development.
Table 5: Department of Human and Organizational Learning Human and Organizational Learning research and scholarship takes a cross-disciplinary approach to the study and application of leadership, learning, culture, and change at the individual, organizational, and societal levels.
Table 6: Department of Curriculum and Pedagogy Whether you wish to teach elementary or secondary education, develop expertise in reading, literacy or curriculum development, or prepare for National Board Certification, we have nationally-recognized and nationally-accredited certificate and masters programs for you.
Table 7: Admissions Learn more about the admissions requirements and process, tuition, funding opportunities, choosing the degree program that's right for you, and more.
Table 8: Student Services Meet with an Academic and Career Coach to learn more about resources available to current students, potential career paths, what to expect as a GSEHD student, and more.
Table 9: Office of Student Financial Assistance Go straight to the source to get all of your answers about funding opportunities including loans, fellowships, scholarships, etc., completing the FAFSA, deadlines to consider, and more.
Table 10: Housing On-campus housing is not currently available to graduate, law, medical, and professional students, but we invite you to learn more about residence options in the area.
Table 11: International Services Office The International Services Office is the first stop for the GW international community and will help eliminate administrative challenges when studying in the US.
Table 12: Student Groups Student organizations are one of the best ways to get involved on campus. Assembled under an array of causes, identities, and interests, student organizations at the George Washington University put on some of the most highly anticipated campus events and offer endless opportunities for involvement and leadership each year! Learn more about how you can get involved.
Table 13: Multicultural Student Services Center MSSC provides multicultural programming, community, cultural education, and a safe and supportive environment for underrepresented and historically underserved students. They work to meet the needs of our students with an intersectional lens, focusing on three core identities: LGBTQIA+, Race & Ethnicity, and Religion, Faith & Spirituality.


Get to know GSEHD through our
students, faculty, staff, and alumni:


Join Master's in International Education
student, Caroline, on a GW campus tour:



 Connect With Your Admissions Coach

Each prospective student is paired with an admissions coach who represents your academic program. Your coach is here to help you explore academic options and answer any application or post-admission questions you have.

Choose your program area below to connect with your designated admissions coach. (Expand each area to see a full list of included programs.)

All Doctoral Programs
Monique Barner
Master's or Grad Certificate: Counseling & Human Development

Programs Include: Clinical Mental Health Counseling, Rehabilitation Counseling, School Counseling, Post-Master's Certificate in Counseling, GC in Counseling and Life Transitions, GC in Job Development and Job Placement 

Nelly Provencal-Dayle
Master's or Grad Certificate: Curriculum & Pedagogy

Programs Include: Curriculum & Instruction, Elementary Education, GC in Curriculum Writing, Evaluation, and Development, GC in Literacy Education 

Nelly Provencal-Dayle
Master's or Grad Certificate: Educational Leadership

Programs Include: Educational Leadership & Administration; Educational Technology Leadership; Education Policy Studies; Experiential Jewish Education; Higher Education Administration; International Education; Israel Education; Museum Education 

Almas Ayaz
Master's or Grad Certificate: Human & Organizational Learning

Programs Include: Organizational Leadership & Learning, GC in Leadership Development, GC in Organizational Learning & Change, GC in Sustainability Leadership 

Almas Ayaz
Master's or Grad Certificate: Special Education & Disability Studies

Programs Include: Special Education (all focus areas), Interdisciplinary Secondary Transition Services, GC in Autism Spectrum, GC in Brain Injury: Transition Services, GC in Transition Special Education 

Nelly Provencal-Dayle
  2136 G Street NW, Washington, DC 20052




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