Susan Swayze

Susan Swayze
Associate Professor, Educational Research
(571) 553-3773

Dr. Swayze holds a multi-faceted faculty role that includes teaching graduate students, serving as a research methodologist, and conducting research in the context of higher education.

Since joining GSEHD as a regular status faculty member in 2008, Dr. Swayze has authored or co-authored 20 publications. Her work has been presented at 22 national or international conferences. Dr. Swayze has also made six media contributions, including a webinar and magazine articles.

Dr. Swayze conducts both constructivist and post-positivistic research, and in some instances a combination of the two, thereby blurring the traditional divide between qualitative and quantitative research. She teaches qualitative research, quantitative research, and statistics courses. As a multiple methodologist, she ascribes to case study methodology and mixed methods.

Dr. Swayze's research is focused on pedagogical and methodological approaches to teaching and learning in higher education, specifically pedagogical approaches to teaching research and statistics and methodological approaches to examining educational resilience among students of color at predominantely white institutions (PWIs).

Based on her deep commitment to doctoral student development, Dr. Swayze received the Student Choice Service Excellence Award and the Honey Nashman Spark A Life Award for Faculty Member of the Year.

Ph.D., University of California, Los Angeles , M.B.A., Duke University , M.A., University of California, Los Angeles, B.A., Washington and Lee University