Lottie Baker

Lottie Baker
Assistant Professor
Curriculum and Pedagogy

Lottie Baker leads the English and foreign language teacher education programs in the Department of Curriculum and Pedagogy and teaches courses in language education. She holds National Board Certification and has over 10 years’ experience teaching English in a variety of contexts, from young learners in public school to adults in university and professional settings.

Baker has designed, led, and evaluated professional development for teachers in the U.S. and abroad.

Her research interests include the schooling trajectories and experiences of former and long-term English learners, integrating international perspectives in teacher education, and English education policy and teacher professional development in Southeast Asia.

Ed.D., The George Washington University
M.A.T., The University of Virginia
B.A., The University of Virginia


Baker, L. (2015). How Many Words is a Picture Worth? Integrating Visual Literacy into Language Learning with Photographs. English Teaching Forum, 53(4), 2-13.

Baker, L. (2014). What it Takes: The Importance of Social Support for Academically Successful Middle School English learners. Youth & Society. Advance online publication. doi: 10.1177/0044118X14553581

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Baker, L. (2013). “Going for the Gold”: Successful Former English Language Learners’ Experiences and Understandings of Schooling. Unpublished doctoral dissertation, The George Washington University, Washington, DC.

In the News

Dr. Lottie Baker wrote a commentary piece for the TESOL International Association's Bi-Weekly English Language Bulletin titled In response to 'When L1 interferes with English learning.'

TELL (Teaching English Language Learners) Director Dr. Patricia DiCerbo, along with senior research associate Tracy Tressler, led a one-day meeting titled Celebrating Lessons & Successes of the TELL Certificate in Richmond, Virginia. The meeting brought together GSEHD faculty and staff, teachers and administrators from rural Virginia school divisions, and state department leadership. Dr. Lottie Baker conducted a Q&A session at the meeting with (former) TELL instructors Dr. Keira Ballantyne, Dr. Janet Schiavone, and Abbe Spokane.

Drs. Patricia DiCerbo and Lottie Baker presented Imagining a Place for Grammar: Techniques for Anxious Teachers at the annual TESOL Conference in Seattle, Washington.

Dr. Joel Gomez, Dr. Lottie Baker, and Dr. Patricia DiCerbo, core GSEHD staff for the English Learner National Professional Development (NPD) grant funded by the Department of Education, met with Judy Radford, ESL Professional Development Coordinator in the Office of Program Administration and Accountability, to discuss NPD start-up activities. Dr. DiCerbo is not new to NPD project activities in Virginia, since she has provided leadership to an existing NPD grant for close to five years, and has worked closely with Judy Radford during this period.