Rick Jakeman

Rick Jakeman
Associate Dean for Master's Studies and Student Life
Associate Professor, Higher Education Administration
(202) 994-5123

Dr. Jakeman's research and scholarly interests focus on college student experiences, including graduate student socialization and undergraduate student alcohol and other drug use. Specifically, his research focuses on socialization of graduate students while in academic environments, including elasticity of peer relationships, student perceptions of diversity and inclusion in the curriculum, and implications for faculty practice.

Dr. Jakeman also studies undergraduate student experiences in campus parties and drinking, problem behaviors with alcohol and other drugs, and peer intervention and training as an institutional policy response.

He has authored articles for the Journal of College Student Development, Journal of Student Affairs Research and Practice, Journal of Continuing Higher Education, and Inside Higher Ed. Dr. Jakeman has seven years of professional experience in the field of student affairs, having worked in the fields of leadership development, service learning, academic advising, and residence life.

Ed.D., University of Arkansas
M.Ed., Drury University


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