Kathleen Crowley

Kathleen Crowley
Visiting Assistant Professor

Dr. Kathleen Crowley, is a Visiting Assistant Professor in the Department of Human and Organizational Learning. Dr. Crowley has had diverse career in both industry and academia. Early in her career she was Research Faculty at Indiana University leading design, methods and analysis of a multi-site longitudinal study of motivation and self-esteem. Dr. Crowley has an extensive career in consulting specializing in research and evaluation of programs in the area of health behaviors, at-risk youth, and under-served populations.

Dr. Crowley has extensive analytic and management experience in organizational and systems change, with a specialization in measurement and evaluation. Her professional and research experience has focused on the impact of change and how large-scale systems adapt to change in the areas of health, public health, education, justice, and organizational development.

Her research interest over the years has concentrated on developing an organizational learning and change approach to program evaluation. This approach is based on a process of learning and developing capacities to foster creativity and strategies to adapt to change. More recently, her research is focused on organizational paradoxes, specifically the tension between constraint and freedom. In particular, she is interested in the adaptive processes across various levels of the organization and its impact on management, motivation, and change.

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